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9 Indoor Activities to Keep Adults Entertained at Home This Winter

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Winter is upon us and as much as I love the great outdoors, I absolutely cannot stand being cold!  This means it’s inevitable that me, and many of us, are spending a lot more time indoors. 

Aside from wrapping up warm to attend a fireworks display, I’d rather be snug at home with the log fire roaring if it’s cold and dark outdoors.  

To make the most of these long evenings indoors, here are a few ways to entertain yourself at home.  Read on for 9 simple indoor activities to keep adults entertained at home and bust boredom this winter.

Winter Boredom Busters for Adults 9 Indoor Activities

Winter Boredom Busters for Adults: 9 Simple Indoor Activities to Keep Entertained at Home

1. Cooking

If you never normally have enough time to cook as you’re not usually home much, take this opportunity to perfect your culinary skills.  Make those dishes you’ve been longing to try, but didn’t have the time for in the summer.  Make batches of hearty vegetable soups to see you through the cold months ahead.  Take this time to slow down and enjoy cooking, rather than seeing it as a chore.  There is so much inspiration online from Pinterest to Instagram.  You don't even need to buy a cookbook as you'll find loads of recipes online for free.  Try this easy chunky veg soup recipe to get started.

vegan cookbook

Grow vegan cookbook

2. Have a clear out

Forget a spring clean, how about a winter clean?  Go through your summer wardrobe and get rid of anything you haven’t worn for the past year.  Give them to charity shops or sell on eBay to make some extra cash in time for Christmas.  Go through your attic or your garage, that spare room or that overflowing cupboard.  Make the most of your time indoors to properly sort out all those cluttered spaces you've been putting off.  I've even made money selling weed on eBay before...  Not that type of weed!!

3. Reading

Switch the TV off for an evening, light a scented candle, cover yourself with a throw, curl up and stick your head into your favourite book.  Let your imagination take you on an adventure in your head with the words on the page.  Switch your phones off and have a digital detox for the evening to really recharge and relax whilst you read.  Or, even better, run a warm bath with bubbles and invest in a bath pillow for a luxurious way to read your book while practicing self care at the same time!

booktrovert sweater

Booktrovert sweater

4. Box sets

There’s nothing quite like binge watching an intense box set with good snacks and good company.  Long winter evenings are the best time to get hold of those box sets you’ve been dying to watch and as it’s dark outside you’ll not feel guilty about spending time indoors or having a cosy TV night in.  Grab some popcorn, dim the lights and have a box set fest!

5. Decorate

If you’re going to be stuck indoors a lot, then it’s the perfect time to redecorate or touch up that wall you keep putting off painting!  Make the most of being indoors now and getting your home up to scratch, so you can spend plenty more time outdoors once spring rolls around next year.  There are so many DIY guides on YouTube so you can become a master over the winter months and make your home look amazing!

personalised yoga mat

Personalised yoga mat

6. Practice yoga

Yoga is great for fitness, meditating, reducing stress, toning, weight loss, flexibility and so much more.  Search YouTube for free videos such as 'Yoga with Adriene' which are tailored to your needs, be it time or the level you require, and practice in your own cosy living room without needing to leave the house.

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8. Write a letter

Take this time to stay in touch with loved ones.  Write a letter by hand to a faraway friend or elderly relative.  Why not take the time to really write a personalised message in all your Christmas cards to update loved ones?  If you have some ink and photo paper then print off some recent photos to share what you've been up to.  There's still something so special about receiving a hand written letter and photos in the post.

Botanical notecards

Botanical notecards

9. Make money online

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The final word on these winter boredom busters for adults

Winter can be a great time to stay indoors and enjoy some quality time with yourself or with loved ones. There are many different indoor activities for adults that you can do to keep yourself entertained, from cooking and reading to playing games and watching movies.

If you're looking for some inspiration, here are a few of the ideas we've shared above:

  • Cooking: Try out new recipes, or perfect your favourite dishes.
  • Reading: Curl up with a good book and escape into another world.
  • Playing games: There are many different games that you can play indoors, from board games to card games to video games.
  • Watching movies: Catch up on your favourite shows or movies, or try something new.
  • Spending time with loved ones: Play games, watch movies, or just chat and catch up. 

For more winter activities for adults here are some games to play at home when bored and 3 interesting things to do when bored.