Tips to get beautiful healthy hair naturally at home

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Tips to get beautiful healthy hair naturally at home

In this blog post I will share with you top tips on how to get beautiful healthy hair naturally at home!  

I’ve recently had my hair cut to the shortest length it’s ever been. It’s been getting shorter and shorter at each hairdressers appointment over the past year and I think I’m now happy with the length - above shoulder, but long enough to tie up. 

I love to go the gym almost on a daily basis and running is my favourite.  It was becoming such a pain to have long hair when running as it distracted me.  (My hair was always rib length before, so half way down my back).  Plus, trying to wash it every day I gymed was such an effort.  I wanted a style that was no longer in my way or so challenging to wash so regularly. 

Going shorter has been so much more convenient for me and I actually really like it.  I even think it quite suits me!

Keeping hair natural - can it last?

My hair isn’t yet greying (well, the odd one) and it’s always super shiny.   However, I'm in my mid 30s,  I’m very aware that I may start to grey soon and my current natural hair regime may come to an end. I don’t currently dye my hair and it’s in much better condition for it.  I worry that when it greys I’ll want to dye my hair, but I hope I can find a suitable natural and less toxic alternative to the mainstream dyes. 

My hair does seem to be thinning slightly, or perhaps I am imagining it! If it ever did get really thin then I’d definitely look into some alternative options such as wigs, gentle hair extensions or the many ideas at like   If hair loss was ever extreme then there are options such as a hair transplant or for men there’s even a procedure called Advanced Tricho Pigmentation which creates the impression of more hair follicles and hair than there actually is. Medihair's hair transplant statistics show that 41.3% of males are suffering from advanced hair loss.

It’s good to know nowadays that we do have options to allow ourselves to feel confident in our own skin and with our own hair.  For now my hair is still enjoying a youthful glow and is in great condition.  So, for now, I want to share with you my tips for how you can also get beautiful and healthy hair, naturally at home:

How to naturally get beautiful hair at home


How to get beautiful healthy hair naturally at home

Don’t dye it

I think this is a hard one for most people, especially females.  I think every female I know, aside from me, dyes their hair on a regular basis! 

I always think how awfully damaging that must be to the environment.  It’s become normal for everyone to dye their hair all the time. 

I see pictures of me when my hair was long and dyed and it looks in poor condition. 

I did originally use temporary dyes and they made my hair look amazing, but it was the dye that made it look amazing.  I had to keep dyeing it every few weeks to keep up with the glossy amazing hair.  It didn’t last otherwise. 

Now my hair is dye-free it is naturally in good condition and stays that way.  Plus you'll save so much money!

Use natural products

Most mainstream brands use harsh chemicals in their products, which is probably so your hair comes to depend on them and you have to keep using their products.  That's their plan! 

Many of the chemicals are not really good for your hair and they are not good for the environment or even your health. 

I always use natural plant based products such as solid shampoo for my hair and have done since changing to a natural beauty regime perhaps five years ago.  My hair is in better condition for it and it stays that way. 

Dyeing hair and using chemical products is quite literally poisoning your hair and scalp!

Even if you have a hair or scalp condition, you should be able to find a natural solution to help.  For example, if you have dandruff then there's a natural and organic anti-dandruff hair oil that you can use. 

Simply do your research and find out what natural alternatives you can find for any hair/head issues.

It took me a while to find a shampoo bar that worked for my hair and didn't make it too greasy or dry, so sometimes it's trial and error when switching to a new hair care routine.  But eventually your hair will thank you for it!

If you cut your own hair, or your families, then make sure you invest in a high quality pair of hair shears to keep the ends beautiful with perfect clean cuts.

Drink lots of water

We all know drinking lots of water is good for us to stay hydrated, but it also gives us great skin and glossy hair. 

Water is not all equal though and I drink distilled water at home which is pure H2O.  I’m sure it’s taking effect as my skin is clearer than it’s ever been and my hair is healthier too.

Click here for the best at-home water distiller that we use and recommend!

water distiller

Tips to get beautiful healthy hair naturally at home

Use soft water if possible

If you have soft water then it’s a lot gentler on your hair with less mineral build up. 

It’s even possible to wash your hair with water only if you live in a soft water area.  I did try it, but we have hard water and I had a lot of build-up in my hair. 

There are lots of claims that the ‘no-poo’ method works well with soft water.  I’ve even investigated having a filter attached to the water entering our home to make our water softer.

Eat a nutrient rich plant based diet

“The healthiest diet for your hair is the healthiest diet in general—one that is based on real, whole foods and mostly plant-based.” — Maria Marlowe, nutritionist (source)

Though the hair we can see is not alive, the hair follicles it comes from and the part of the hair within the follicle is very much alive and needs feeding! 

A diet rich in raw fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, legumes and wholegrains that nourishes all parts of your body with all the vitamins and minerals you need will keep your hair looking great.

Choose a gentle brush

I currently use a tangle tease sort of brush that has soft bristles without balls on the end.  It’s very gentle on the hair and with multiple layers and lengths of bristles it helps to pull the natural hair oils through the hair giving a nice gloss finish.

Avoid hot showers

Opt for a warm shower instead of a boiling hot shower.  Extreme temperatures can be damaging to hair. 

As much as a scorching shower might be pleasurable, it’s not always great for your hair!

Wash your hair less

I’m guilty of not always following this one, but because I’m regularly at the gym.  I get so sweaty that my hair looks greasy if I don’t wash it, so often I have to wash it every day. 

If I don’t go to the gym for a couple of days then I won’t wash my hair and it always looks in amazing condition. 

I always find hair looks best the day after it’s washed. 

Washing too much can strip hair of its natural oils and then you depend on the shampoo to make your hair look great instead. 

Options for hair loss

If you are suffering with hair loss and it's affecting your confidence then there are some treatments nowadays that can help, including some natural treatments, though you may need to attend a clinic to access these.

A new natural treatment for hair loss offered by Wimpole Clinic is Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy, which harnesses your own body’s healing ability by taking your own blood and extracting your own plasma which contains platelets (the good stuff). They are then reinserted into the area of your scalp or body that will benefit from rejuvenation.

If you want some tips on how to hide your hair loss yourself at home, then check out my blog post how to disguise thinning hair and also learn more about how your lifestyle choices can affect hair loss to try and prevent it.

Final thoughts 

Basically going back to nature is the best thing for our hair; eating natural foods, using natural products and being gentle to it.  These tips aren’t going to be a quick fix, but over time they will be totally worth it!


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