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Why shopping sustainably for fashion will save money

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Many people think that shopping ethically for clothing is too expensive and complicated.  Many are too used to being able to nip into their nearest fast fashion clothing stores and pick up items for a few items, not caring if they only wear them a few times as they can replace them again and again as they are so cheap to replace.  This mind-set has to change and we have to adopt sustainable fashion choices as the norm to protect our future and the planet.

Our love of fast fashion is destroying the planet and it is unsustainable.  Too much clothing is produced and the manufacturing of clothes and transportation causes a lot of pollution.  Most of us are guilty of having far too many clothes instead of just what we need.  All the dyes used to produce our clothing end up polluting soil and water.  Plus all the cotton that is not grown organically is sprayed with harmful chemicals.  From growing the materials needed to manufacturing and transportation, the fast fashion industry that produces low cost clothing en masse is destroying the planet.

We need to make a change and make sustainable shopping the norm.

How to save money with sustainable fashion

Luckily there are lots of ways we can make more conscious choices when it comes to the clothing we wear.  And, if you’re worried that shopping sustainably for clothing is going to be too expensive then I’m here to let you know it can actually save you money.  Here’s how.

Why shopping sustainably for fashion will save money

Choose quality

Instead of choosing cheap poor quality clothing that needs replacing quickly, it’s much more sustainable and cost-effective to choose quality garments that last for years to come.  Not only will better made clothing look better and last longer, but they are usually easier to repair as the materials are higher quality.  Cheap fabrics can be harder to repair.

When shopping for jewellery, again choose high quality items that stand the test of time.  For example, choose jewellery that is made from precious metals and real gem stones.  Choosing high quality jewellery and clothing means they will last much longer.  They are also much easier to pass on when you no longer need them as high quality fashion will be sought after for years to come.

Sure, you may have to pay more upfront for a well-made piece of jewellery or item of clothing, but it is more cost-effective in the long run if you can wear it for years to come.

Choose pre-loved

Buying used clothes helps the environment by stopping the production of so many new clothing items being made and thus reducing pollution.  It also means pre-loved items get a second life instead of going to landfill which is another major environmental concern.

Buying pre-loved clothing means you’ll find designer brands at the fraction of their original cost.  You’ll be able to save money compared to buying new, prevent so many new clothes from being made and stop items going to landfill.  There are numerous benefits to shopping second-hand.  Plus, if you shop at charity shops you’ll also be helping those in need.

Pre-loved also includes antiques which can increase in value over time, so you might even be making a wise investment by choosing antique jewellery from antique jewellery brands such as  Even if you're not looking for a return in the future, you can still choose a truly unique piece of jewellery such as an antique ring as an engagement ring that can be cheaper than buying new.

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Choose less

Another issue is that many of us have far too many clothes.  We shop for leisure and pleasure, rather than just buying what we need.

There is a rise in living more minimal lifestyles and with regards to fashion there is a trend of owning only a capsule wardrobe.  A capsule wardrobe is a great way to stop buying so many clothes and instead choose long lasting quality pieces that are timeless.

The trick to a capsule wardrobe is to choose items of clothing you can wear again and again for many years.  It’s not about choosing the latest fashion fads that you won’t want to wear again in a few months.  It’s about making careful choices to choose clothing you know suits you and that you’ll want to wear next year too.  You then choose a few pairs of bottoms and a few tops that can all mix and match to create a variety of outfits in complementing colours.

To keep the wardrobe minimal you only replace items when you need too, such as when they break and can’t be fixed or when they no longer fit you.

A minimal wardrobe will keep costs down as you’ll no longer be shopping for clothing leisurely.  You will only buy items when you need them and you’ll be very careful about choosing the right items and long lasting quality.

Why shopping sustainably for fashion will save money - made with recycled p

Choose it again and again

One of the most important things when it comes to clothes shopping is to choose items you will wear over and over.  If you’re unsure about a piece then don’t buy it.  The chances are you will wear it once or twice and never be sure about it.

Only choose the clothes you love and therefore you’re certain you will wear numerous times.

I have clothes I’ve owned for almost a decade and I still wear them.  This is how we should all be shopping.  We need to find our style and choose the clothes that we’ll never get bored of.

It’s all about changing our mind-sets and wearing clothing hundreds of times instead of updating our look and style every other month!

If you can’t imagine yourself wearing it one hundred times then don’t buy it.  You should really love it.  This way of thinking will prevent you from wasting money on clothing you’ll not wear many times and will also help you to shop more sustainably for fashion.

Choose recycled

Many stores are now offering recycled clothing, even some of the fast fashion stores.  If you shop at the cheaper stores then make sure you keep a look out for the recycled clothing ranges as this is a much better choice to make.

Choosing clothes made from recycled materials means less new materials need to be produced.  It's all helping to reduce pollution caused by the clothing industry and promotes recycling.

Final word

However you choose to shop sustainably for clothing, whether that’s brand new high-quality pieces or pre-loved, you will always be able to save money.  Shopping sustainably is actually a much more cost-effective solution in the long run and will reduce the negative impact humans are having on the environment.


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