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Win a £100 cash prize to PayPal in my April 2021 giveaway

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GIVEAWAY ENDED. Winner Notified.


Welcome to my latest cash prize giveaway!

It’s April and spring is in the air, hopefully as my weather app is teasing me with days of snow next week!  I can’t quite believe it as I’ve been sat in the garden working the past two days with temperatures up to 20 degrees Celsius!  Such a bizarre mixture of weather.

Anyway, I’m so glad the clocks have changed and longer nights are upon us.  I am not a winter person and literally spend the whole time with goose bumps.  I am ready to be warm and feel free.  Free to get out in the evenings in daylight and free to wear fewer clothes.  There comes a point at the end of winter where I get so sick and tired of not simply being able to leave the house - having to put on warm socks, boots, a coat, hat, scarves and gloves and still being cold!  I am ready for the simplicity of a simple dress and sandals - yes please!

It’s also time for the roadmap out of the latest England lockdown and all seems to be going to plan so I hope the government sticks to it.  We are also so ready for travel adventures and days out and simply getting on with our lives.

Win £100

To kick off your April I have an amazing £100 giveaway just for you!

One lucky winner will get £100 deposited straight into their PayPal bank account.

The giveaway runs for the whole of April and there are lots of different entry options so you can pick the ones that suit you… or pick all of them for the most chance of winning.

You can also come back daily to get more entries as many of the entry options can be completed each day and new entry options may randomly be added through the month.  Bookmark my website and come back as often as possible for extra entries.

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Enter here to win £100 free cash to your PayPal

Now, time for the giveaway....

The cash will be sent to a PayPal account only.  If you don’t have a GBP PayPal then you may be charged a foreign transaction fee.

There is no limit on the number of entries per person. Follow the instructions for multiple entries and daily entry options with new options being added throughout the month!

Bookmark this page and return daily for even more entries!

Good luck!


GIVEAWAY ENDED. Winner Notified.

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  • There is no limit on the number of entries per person. Follow the instructions for multiple entries. Return daily for even more entry options.
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  • This giveaway is open worldwide.
  • The cash will be sent to a PayPal account only.  If you don’t have a GBP PayPal then you may be charged a foreign transaction fee.  Conversion rates are out of my control.

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