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How to find the space for a home office

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More people than ever before are working from home.  Whilst it has many benefits, it also has its challenges, particularly if you have a family around and/or no space for a home office (or so you think).

If your home seems to be lacking space and you are desperate for a work space to call your own, then here are some ideas for where to locate a home office.

Clear out your spare room

Do you have a room that’s meant to be a guest room or similar, but it’s just turned into a dumping ground?  A lot of people do so it’s nothing to be ashamed of!  But right now you need a work space, so it’s time to sort it out and give this room a new purpose.

If the clutter and thought of sorting through everything in this room right now is just too overwhelming then you can always put your belongings into Magenta self storage until a later date.  This will instantly clear the room and give you a dedicated office space to work from without the pressure of decluttering right away.

Once your office is set up and you are settled into your new space, then you can tackle the task of going through your belongings in storage and deciding whether to keep, donate or sell.

Use the garden

Yes, it is actually possible to work successfully on a laptop in your garden, in the summer months at least.  But, it’s not practical to set up camp in the great outdoors all year round, at least not in the rainy UK anyway!  For this, you’ll need an actual home garden office.

Garden rooms can be used for all sorts of different purposes, but one of the most popular is to create an office when you don’t have space indoors.  In fact, even if you do have the space in your home for an office, you might want to keep your workplace separate from the house altogether.  It can be hard to find the perfect work-life balance, but a garden room office could be one way to help draw the line between the working day and your personal life.

Another bonus of a garden room is they are relatively affordable and you’ll probably make back the investment quite quickly from the savings in fuel and commuting costs, as well as all the smart work clothes you don’t need to buy anymore.  It’s also a home improvement so you’ll help to increase the value of your home, particularly if you install a proper garden office with lighting and power.

You could always convert an existing shed or outbuilding into an office too. 

Be creative

Yep, get creative with the space you have in your home and I’m certain you’ll find somewhere to put an office or temporary workspace.  There are no doubt lots of nooks and crannies around your home that are perfect for a small desk and chair; the corner of your bedroom perhaps, the space under the stairs, an entrance hallway, a cupboard that is full of junk you don’t really need or can be moved to the attic instead?  How about the attic?!

You really don’t need much space at all for a desk for a single person and a chair.  You can buy desks in all sorts of slim line shapes and space-saving sizes nowadays or even have one custom-made to fit the perfect niche.

Other options include pop-up desks or bureaus with fold down desks that can be hidden out of sight when the work day is over, returning your living space to its former glory once you are done with your working day.

You can also choose to multipurpose a space.  Your dressing table can double up as a workspace.  A kitchen worktop with space underneath and a bar stool and voila - another area in the house you can make into a workstation.

There are so many ways to create a home office and it doesn’t have to be a permanent feature of your home.  So long as you have somewhere comfortable to work from to be productive, there are many creative ways to create a home office or workspace in the room you have available.


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