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Newborn photos in hospital: 13 tips for taking baby pictures

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Taking newborn photos in a hospital can be quite challenging. But with a few tips and tricks, you will be able to take some amazing shots of your baby.

Newborn photos in hospital tips for taking baby pictures

After months of waiting, finally, your baby has arrived.  There's nothing like a tiny newborn: fresh to this world, sleepy and very sweet.  Those first few hours are perfect for capturing the beauty of what you have created, in photos you will look back on with a full and happy heart. New hour photographs are hugely popular - they are a glimpse into the perfect newborn bubble that lasts for such a short time.

While you are still in the hospital, record and capture those precious first moments of your newborn after birth because you want to cherish those moments.  Even if you are not a professional photographer, you can still do it with the help of a smartphone. You can even be prepared and order some Fox Backdrop wallpaper beforehand to add a touch of professionalism to your photos. Be sure to capture the "awe" of new parents with their little bundle of joy.

Taking photos of a newborn baby can be a daunting task for new parents. It is important to know the right way to take photos of your baby and how get that perfect shot.

Tips to get the perfect newborn baby shots while in hospital 

  1. Switch off all artificial lights

Lights and lamps inside hospital rooms usually cast yellow /orange colours, creating unwanted shadows. It is best to switch them off and use natural window lighting while shooting the perfect shot.

  1. First baby cot

We stare at the tiny tot, see-through cot, imagining that little bundle of joy resting in it. It's the must-have hospital photo that should be on top of your list. Be sure to get at least one (or a dozen) of them in it since most cots have clear sides that will allow you to get creative with angles for the superb shots!

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  1. It's all in the detail

Don't forget to capture all those tiny details; ears, nose, toes, and hands. Those are things that change so quickly - they will never be this small again. Hospital beds are in very neutral colors allowing the focus to stay more on the baby and not distracting. You can use your baby-special backdrops to add an elegant touch.

  1. Don't forget mummy and daddy

On this special occasion, don't forget to take turns to click pictures with the newborn. Take some sweet family pictures by setting a timer or simply ask a nurse to snap a few.  New parents will be full of honest and raw emotions which are great to capture. Take the opportunity to have some click with the brand new mummy looking at the baby whilst skin to skin so the baby will be comfortable and calm during the shot.

  1. Capture the birth card

Make sure you get a snap of your newborns hospital card; there is no better way to remember birth details.

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  1. First bath

It is a general practice in every hospital to give a bath to a newborn, and parents are usually encouraged to participate. That first dip in hospital is a sure-fire way to get some personality into those first photos. However, make sure you choose the right angle while taking your shot. 

  1. First meeting with siblings

New siblings can greatly impact the family. Let your firstborn know they are still a priority. Prepare the older ones and introduce them to newborns and see the reaction; this is the best time to take a shot.

  1. Get a newborn photographer

If you are not confident in your own photography skills, it is best to hire someone who specializes in photographing babies and children.

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  1. Take lots of pictures

The more the better! You will never know what you like best until you see the pictures.

  1. Dress baby up 

Put on some cute clothes, hats, and other accessories to make your photos stand out from the crowd.  Just make sure these are newborn friendly and won’t disturb or upset baby. 

  1. Make sure baby is comfortable 

Babies can be very fussy when they are not comfortable so make sure they are wrapped up tightly and cozy in a soft swaddle or blanket.

  1. Don't keep baby awake

Babies need their sleep so try not to take too many photos when they are asleep because they will be cranky afterwards!

  1. Being organised and efficient

Be prepared before the due date as this makes it so much easier for parents. Stay one step ahead to allow yourself enough time to get your camera geared, packed up and waiting for the moment. Have the camera ready to go in your hospital bag.



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