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  1. As we get closer to Christmas, you may be starting to panic about what sort of gifts you should get your friends and loved ones.  You don't even know what you want for Christmas yourself, so why should you know what anyone else wants?

    If you have left your shopping last minute, but still want to buy a present for your loved ones, here are some fantastic last-minute suggestions that will instantly put a smile on their face.

  2. Ad for The Midcounties Co-operative 1Change campaign – all words and opinions are my own.

    Our planet is literally suffocating from the amount of single-use plastic we are using and discarding on a daily basis.  It is killing animals, polluting our oceans and even poisoning us.

    Now we are aware of the destruction and damage this product has upon planet Earth, it’s more important than ever for us to curb our plastic-loving habits.  It’s time to replace single-use plastic with something more sustainable to protect our health and future.

    I recently undertook a challenge with The Midcounties Co-operative to see if I could reduce my plastic use in 60 seconds.  The campaign is about making 1Change in 1Minute.

    Reducing single-use plastic and helping our planet doesn’t need to be overwhelming or take time to implement.  We can make better choices in a minute or less every single day.