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» Listings for January 2020

  1. Everybody spills things. I don’t think there’s a single human being alive who hasn’t spilt something at some stage. If you have kids and/or pets then it’s inevitable something will spill on the floor, no matter how much you try to stop it.  If you’ve hard floors then great - simply mop up the mess and job done.  But what if you have carpet in your home?  Carpeting an entire room is expensive and you can’t re-carpet every time there’s a spill or stain, so it’s wise to learn how to remove some of the most common stains so your carpet is cost-effective for years to come.  Removing stains from carpets can be a little trickier than mopping a spill on hard flooring.  In this blog post I’ll explore how to DIY to remove some common stains from your carpet.

  2. Having an identity is something that every person in business needs. A business card is one of the best branding collaterals you can rely on to make your identity stronger.

    With some creativity and attention to detail, you can come up with a design that your clients have never seen before.

    Implementing these tips while you design your transparent business card would help you set a firm and strong first impression.

  3. We may only be a few weeks into January, and while there seems to be surprising news popping up every day, there is a big surprise for those of us running small and independent businesses that shouldn’t be overlooked: the self-assessment tax return deadline. 

    Yes, the deadline for those of us who need to complete a self-assessment bill is looming.  It needs to be done by January 31st. And with all the headaches that can come with it, before you go scrambling around the home office trying to find receipts, you’ll want to know how to carry out an assessment without any hitches or hiccups that could be costly.

    In this short post, we’ll look at ways to get your assessment done correctly, as well as ways to get it done without breaking a sweat. It all starts with keeping tabs on yourself.

  4. If you’re a freelance worker and you’ve suddenly found yourself in a position where you won’t be able to work for a while, you’re likely in panic mode.  It’s one reason why many people don’t take the plunge into self-employment as there’s no guaranteed pay packet and no sick pay when you’re ill.

    Don’t let that stop you though.  With some preparation then you can make sure you are covered for those quiet periods with little income, or if you get sick or injured.