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» Listings for February 2022

  1. Small businesses can often find it challenging to compete with the more established corporations, which can lead to a wide range of issues, such as struggling for customers and finding it difficult to achieve the growth you need. Still, small businesses can find the success they want by offering something different, and one way to achieve this is by creating a better connection and learning how to build strong relationships with customers. 

    The intimate manner of home businesses will also be more approachable than large corporations that make the entire experience feel too impersonal. If you are running a small business and want to connect better with your customers, especially if you operate out of your home, consider these useful tips to make effective changes and attract more customers.

  2. We all know that self-care is essential for health and well-being, but in our busy lives, sometimes we don’t take the time to look after ourselves as much as we should. With burnout becoming more common, it’s becoming increasingly clear that we must do more to prioritise our mental and physical health — especially in the winter months when shorter days and dreary weather might make us feel blue.

  3. When you’re blogging or using social media platforms for money or influence, then there often comes a time when having one link in your social media bios isn’t quite enough.  Perhaps you’ve started a second blog, or you have a brand collaboration you want to direct people to, or even a coaching or mentoring side of your business.  This is where finding a free ‘link in bio’ platform or app can be really useful.  Why is it useful?  Because many social media platforms, such as Instagram, only allow you to put one link in your bio and you might need more!  Read on to learn about the link in bio platform and whether it was easy for me to set up as I review their service. Aso, discover how you can optionally monetize your influence with link in bio!

  4. I first wrote about the Shopmium UK app in 2018 and I have been using it ever since.  The Shopmium app is a great way to get coupons for money off food and other items in popular UK supermarkets.  If you’re not already signed up for this free app, then I have a Shopmium promo code that will reimburse you 100% for a regular size tube of Pringles!

  5. How do you make a minimalist capsule wardrobe?  There are many benefits to having a capsule wardrobe to save yourself time, money and to be more sustainable.  But how to get started with a capsule wardrobe when you already have a full wardrobe of clothes?  Do you really need to go and buy new pieces to get started?  And what are the essential items that you need to include in a capsule wardrobe.

    The truth is, there are no rules to having a capsule wardrobe. You can create your own system, or follow one that already exists. However for inspiration for how to start a capsule wardrobe, remembering the essentia items you need, and a reminder of the benefits of having less clothes, read on.

  6. There are so many benefits to being self employed (including more freedom of time, more money, and not having to answer to a boss) that more and more people are choosing to do so. It is relatively easy to set yourself up as a sole trader and begin work. However, there are some crucial points that you will need to remember to be successful and get everything right and be above board. Read on to find out more.