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  1. I Love Cheese

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    I Love Cheese

    I am a self confessed cheese addict and here are my confessions!  
    For me the stronger cheddar the better, so extra mature or vintage.  It has to have a good kick to the flavour otherwise what is the point?  Mature is fine if the only option, but mild is a no no.  I find mild lacking in any flavour and far too rubbery.  The crumblier the cheese, the stronger and much more delicious it usually is.
    i love cheese
    I'm a lot better than I used to be. I have drastically cut down the quantity of cheese I consume.  Probably 5-10 years ago, I had cheese with virtually every meal. Yes, EVERY meal!  I would have a serving of grated cheese on the side of every plate. Be it curry, roast dinner, chilli, stir fry, you name it and I'd have a helping of cheese to accompany it.
    Cheese made everything taste better. I got so used to its taste, I didn't actually enjoy a meal as much without it.  I'd sometimes ask for a side of grated cheese if out for a pub meal.  Crazy right?
    It had to be freshly grated too.  Grated released the maximum flavour in my opinion over sliced or melted.  If I was going to sprinkle it over a cooked meal, I would wait until the meal had cooled slightly so not as much melted.  I really thought about this cheese thing way too much!
    My cheese portion size was ridiculous too. I recently read that a portion of cheese should be the size of a match box. A standard match box of course and not a cooks match box. Well, I was probably going for the latter each time!  Bad I know.
    Over the past few years I have massively cut down on this cheese obsession.  I now mostly only have cheese if it's meant to be in a meal, rather than having it as an added extra.  I do occasionally nick a slice to nibble if some is being cut for use, but this is only a few times a week instead of every day! I've also learnt to love the taste of the actual food I'm eating and to stop thinking food will only taste good with the addition of cheese!
    Don't get me wrong, cheese IS good for you, just probably not in the volume I was devouring.  A few normal sized portions a week are definitely very beneficial and enjoyable. I've stuck to cheddar here but I do love lots of different cheeses. My other favourites have to be Wensleydale with cranberries, goats cheese and Stilton. Oh and a baked Camembert is delicious!
    Here are three top cheese benefits:
    Calcium Great for bone strength and reducing your risk of osteoporosis 
    Vitamin D This vital vitamin can be sourced from foods such as cheese, not just the sun!
    Phosphorus An important mineral required for the formation of bones and teeth. It is also found in every cell in your body as it is required for their normal functioning.