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  1. Tiger Balm White Ointment Review

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    The Best Natural Tension Headache Cure

    I rarely suffer from headaches which I put down to drinking copious amounts of water every day.  Apparently 90% of headaches are caused by dehydration.  If I did ever feel one coming a pint of water would usually do the trick.  Not yesterday.  My head really hurt at the sides and in the middle and it felt tight.  I was pretty sure this was a tension headache from lack of sleep (I work late and rise early) and slight work stress.  Ouch.  Headaches are not fun.  Moving around was seemingly making it worse but I was at work last night and my job is rather active.  I’m not a big fan of taking pills so unless I am in excruciating pain I would rather try something a more natural remedy.  Tiger Balm was exactly what I needed and off I popped to purchase some.

    The Best Tension Headache Cure | Tiger Balm White Ointment

    Ooh this stuff is just totally amazing.  Using my fingertips I rubbed a generous scoop onto each of my temples.  Even this motion started to relax my head.  After around thirty seconds my temples started cooling from the menthol.  I find the minty menthol smell very soothing and this in itself started to cool my headache and the pain began to ease.  I applied a second lot after one hour and then my headache was forgotten about after this.

    I would definitely recommend reaching for some Tiger Balm next time you have a tension headache.  The jar is around £4-£5 and it lasts a few years.  For me this stuff really is a miracle cure for any overtired/stress/emotionally caused headaches.  It eases the pain whilst relaxing and soothing the head and mind.  A real bargain that actually works and is totally natural too!

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