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  1. Where to find free stock photos for your blog

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    If you’re a beginner blogger then you might be wondering how all the blogs that you read have such amazing photography.  Whilst many bloggers take it upon themselves to learn photography skills and invest in a ‘proper’ camera as I like to call them, there are also those of us who make do with our smart phones and a bunch of websites that offer free stock photos!

    If photography isn’t your thing, or you simply don’t have the time to invest in creating your own images, then finding free images with no copyright is a great way to keep your blog’s imagery looking professional.

    There are lots of mistakes that new bloggers make when it comes to finding images on the internet and I am to answer some of these questions in this blog post, such as whether all Google images are copyright free and where you can find free stock images to use on your blog.

  2. Exactly what to do after publishing a blog post

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    Unless you are a supreme master of SEO, you’ll soon discover that there’s a lot more to running a successful blog than simply writing a blog post and hitting the publish button.  In 2013 there were apparently 152 million blogs on the internet and I can only imagine that number has risen exponentially over the past few years as blogging seems more popular than ever, both as a hobby and now a reputable career choice.

    Simply hitting enter once you’ve written a blog post isn’t going to cut it.  If you want eyes on your blog, then you need to shout about it from the rooftops and market yourself as best you can.  Here are the ways I market each blog post after hitting publish.

  3. Things bloggers wish they knew before starting a blog

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    New bloggers, learn from our mistakes!

    My story of how I started blogging is very different to most. Many people set up a blog with the aim of being a blogger, or nowadays bloggers even start out with a business plan. 

    In recent years it has become totally possible to monetize a blog or website and it’s now my main source of income! 

    I never started this way though. I originally had an online store with a blog.  I didn’t use the blog at first.  But, eventually, to create more content for my website and with the aim of generating more sales and traffic in my online store, I started blogging. It was a business blog at first, but then I fell in love with blogging and it quickly took over. 

    Now I have a blog that makes money with a small store on the side!  The tables have turned.  I never set out to be a blogger.  It happened because of my ecommerce business.  So I made many mistakes along the way.

    What I wish I knew when I started my blog!

    Here are some of the things I wish I’d known or done differently when starting my blog:

  4. Bloggers share their favourite blogging quotes and mottos for inspiration

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    Blogging can be tough sometimes.  In an online world where we are opening ourselves up to constant criticism we didn’t ask for, trolls and unwanted advice, it can be quite draining and negative sometimes.  Plus there’s so much advice out there, you might be confused with how to blog or what to blog about.  It might all seem a little overwhelming.  But I say, to hell with this!  Blogging should be positive.  More positivity please!

    Let’s build each other up, not break each other down.

    Let’s ignore all the unwanted advice and follow our own dreams.

    Let’s do what we want to do because we have the freedom to and it makes us happy.

  5. How To Increase Domain Authority

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    DA is a minefield. I had no idea until this year that it could fluctuate so much. Last year, once I found out about DA, mine was steadily increasing month on month.  This year the opposite happened.

    I went from being in the mid 30s to 28 from December to March.  It seemed the more I tried to increase it, the lower it went!

    Luckily this month it's gone from 28 up to 33.  In this blog post I'll share how I *think* this has happened.

    Read on for lots of tips that could help to increase your domain authority of your blog.