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Welcome to the Lylia Rose UK money and lifestyle blog.  I'm Victoria Sully, a busy mum of two, wife, full-time blogger and online money-maker.  I’m passionate about making money online, saving money, self-employment, healthy living and blogging.  I’m on a personal mission to be healthier and wealthier!  Thank you so much for joining me.


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  1. Save time, space and money with a capsule wardrobe

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    If you’re always short on time, space in your home and money, then choosing to have a capsule wardrobe could solve all of these things! 

    Read on for tips on how I manage my capsule wardrobe, as well as how it will help you spend less and become clutter-free in your wardrobe.

    Being a minimalist

    I’ve shared my story a few times on my blog of how I believe I came to be a minimalist and lover of a capsule wardrobe.  To cut a long story short, I moved house several times in my late teens and early twenties which included renting rooms in shared houses and bedsits. 

    Not only did I not want to lug so many belongings with me for each house move, but I also didn’t have much space at each property.  I didn’t need to buy a lot of furniture and home décor as I only had a bedroom to furnish.

    Once I settled with my husband I then had more space and belongings did at first begin to grow.  They also grew with the arrival of our children who need a lot of things and grow out of things far too quickly!  But having lots of stuff makes my head fuzzy! 

    I’m not one for mess or clutter and even just knowing I have things sat unused in cupboards or attics makes my head feel noisy.  I’m definitely a minimalist by nature and so I’m always minimalizing our belongings so we don’t have too many items and only exactly what we need and use.

    Ben still has a corner in the attic full of mostly junk which drives me quite insane.  I’m sure he keeps it there just to irritate me. Every time I go up to the loft I see if I can find a couple of pieces that I can pass on or recycle.  Believe me; he even has empty boxes up there from old electronics!

    Stay clutter free in your closet with a capsule wardrobe

    Save time, space and money with a capsule wardrobe (1)

    One thing I have now got Ben on-board with is a capsule wardrobe.  I was already doing it for me and the kids and now he’s reduced his clothing collection too.

    I’m forever clearing out the kids’ wardrobes as they outgrow their clothes so quickly.  I only keep a small amount of clothes for them.  Only what they need.

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    My own wardrobe is now down to around 50 items.  That’s in total, for the whole year.  I have a few items hanging – mostly tops, cardigans and a few dresses.  Then I have a pile of shorts, trousers and leggings.  I wear the trousers in the winter with boots and the summer with flip-flops.  I also have a box of underwear and a box of gym clothes and pyjamas.  I have two coats and a small selection of shoes – wellies, two pairs of winter boots, two pairs of pumps, one pair of flip-flops, smart flats and smart heels.  That’s it.  To be fair I could even get rid of the heels as I never wear them!

    I wear stuff until it needs replacing or totally goes out of shape, not just a few times until I’m bored of it.  This makes me much more careful with my clothing choices when shopping.  It has to be something I will wear numerous times before I’ll consider buying it.

    I’ve still tried to cut my own wardrobe down even more, but I think I’m now at my minimum!  Ben’s clothes take up around half our homemade triple size wardrobe and mine take up around a quarter!

    Save money, only buy what you really need

    My trick is to layer in the winter and reduce layers in the summer.  I pretty much wear the same wardrobe all year round.  Only in the summer I won’t wear my boots or fluffy cardigan.  Otherwise you’ll see me in the same outfits.  In the summer I might wear my trousers with a pair of flip-flops and a vest top.  But in the winter I’ll wear both the trousers and vest top, but I’ll add a t-shirt, cardigan, socks and boots.

    I don’t see the need to buy specific winter and summer clothes when I can make do with what I have.  Most clothes are suitable for all seasons, but it’s a case of layering them up when it’s colder. Even some summer dresses can have a pair of woolly tights or leggings added with a chunky cardigan to make them winter-worthy!

    Having one set of clothes, instead of several sets of seasonal clothes, is definitely a much cheaper option.

    Be intentional when buying clothes

    Save time, space and money with a capsule wardrobe

    My actual wardrobe (a couple of outfits are in the wash)

    This year, 2019, I am doing a zero spend on clothes for the whole year!  I am challenging myself to not buy any clothes for the entire year.  I took a good look at my wardrobe and though it’s looking pretty scarce, I believe I have enough to get me through an entire year, all the seasons and beyond. 

    In recent years I’ve not been a big clothes shopper anyway, but I’d still sometimes splurge on something I spotted at the supermarket or that caught my eye passing a store.  It’s usually these unintentional clothing purchases that end up sat in my wardrobe not getting worn very much!  They are quick impulse buys for a moment of pleasure and I didn’t ever give them much thought.  They were excitable purchases!

    So even though I didn’t do it very much, I was still a sucker for quick impulse buys that I didn’t really need.

    By stopping this altogether I will definitely save money this year.

    I’m also making a promise to be intentional in the future when buying clothes, so I only buy what I set out to buy because I really need it.

    Less choice, more time

    I tend to wear the same clothes most days.  I get stuck on a favourite comfy outfit and I’ll wear it several days in a row.  Life is so much easier and quicker like this!

    In my late teens I had a huge shopping addiction.  I was obsessed with shopping for clothes and had around four rails overflowing with clothes and piles of clothes underneath. 

    I wasn’t always a minimalist!

    It was really ridiculous, but also very overwhelming.

    Getting ready took forever.  There was so much choice every time I needed to get dressed.  I had so many options and so many decisions to make. 

    I must have wasted hours every week just putting outfits on and off whilst I chopped and changed my mind.

    What a waste of time!

    Reducing that choice means you’ll have far more time to do other things.  Sometimes having less options is better!

    Smaller wardrobe, more space

    You can now even buy some space-saving and beautifully designed single wardrobes which are perfect for keeping your capsule wardrobes on track.  I love the MADE white single wardrobes I found here at Lionshome, but there are even cheaper options too.  Or like us, you can make your own wardrobe.  They are plenty large enough for all the clothes you really need and if you can’t fit your clothes in, then you’ve got too many!

    Not only is a smaller wardrobe a cheaper option than a full size version, but think of the bedroom space you will free up!  Large bulky wardrobes can impose on so much of the available space in a bedroom, especially if space is at a premium, so a single slim wardrobe is a much neater solution.

    We originally had a regular size wardrobe each and I remember having to persuade Ben that we’d be fine with one triple wardrobe between us instead.  I wanted to create more space in our bedroom and this reduced our wardrobe space by around 25%. 

    Ben was convinced and built us a lovely triple sized wardrobe from old pallet wood which he refurbished.  Now I think we could have gone even smaller and saved more space in our bedroom!

    Not only have we saved space with a smaller wardrobe to what we originally had, but we have also got rid of a couple of chests of drawers which used to house clothes.  Now we just have the wardrobe and need nothing else.

    How to save time, money and space with a capsule wardrobe

    Having a capsule wardrobe really does suit my lifestyle and make clothing a lot more organised and affordable.  I’d definitely recommend it if you are overwhelmed with the amount of clothing you own and want a simpler life.

    To finish, here’s a quick look at how a capsule wardrobe is beneficial:

    • Save time – less time shopping for clothes you don’t need, less time choosing outfits, less time spent laundering, ironing and organising clothes
    • Save money – Buying less clothes will save money.  Needing less storage for the clothes will save money on furniture.
    • Save space – the less clothes you have, the less storage space you need for them.  Reclaim space in your bedroom by choosing a single wardrobe. 
    • Stay organised – clothes washing becomes easier as there is less variety of clothes.  Wardrobes stay organised and spacious as there are less clothes in them.  Find clothes easier.  Less clothes means less clutter and makes it easier to keep wardrobes neat and tidy.


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    Save time, space and money with a capsule wardrobe

  2. Why you should only buy second hand luxury watches and goods

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    Not a day goes by where we aren’t reminded of the damage we are causing to our planet with the words eco-friendly and sustainability all around us.  We are the first generation to understand the devastating impact our decisions and lifestyles are having on Earth, the planet we call home.  As much as this is shocking and depressing, it should also inspire us to make changes and accept responsibility for our actions.

    The world of consumerism is changing

    Why you should only buy second hand luxury watches and goods (2)

    In some ways I really feel like the world is heading to a better place.  There has been a huge rise in veganism over the past two years with many changing their diets for environmental reasons.  Renewable energy sources are becoming the energy of choice too.  There are numerous recycling schemes nowadays with local councils collecting recyclable materials and even food waste from our doorsteps.  There’s a focus on minimalism and less so on consumerism which should stop the mass producing of unnecessary goods such as throwaway plastics.  We’re becoming more aware of our everyday choices and I believe we are making better decisions.

    One area of our modern lifestyles that we are just starting to take notice of is the consequences of fast fashion and accessories.  Constantly updating our wardrobes with the latest looks and throwing away perfectly useable clothing causes hundreds of thousands of clothing items to go to landfill every year (300,000 tonnes in 2016).  Not only is this terrible, but textile dyeing is the second largest polluter of water after agriculture.  Our constant demand for the latest trends at affordable prices is polluting our environment on an enormous scale.

    Shifting the future of fashion

    Why you should only buy second hand luxury watches and goods (3)

    Repair, reuse, reduce

    We need to stop our love of fast fashion and throwaway trends and move to a more sustainable fashion future.   We need to learn to love our clothes and buy pieces that we will not get bored with in a few weeks.  We need to start buying better quality clothing and accessories that are built to last and stand the test of time. 

    The problem with many cheap fast fashion items is that they are made from poor quality materials that aren’t built to last.  Instead, we need to move back to perhaps paying higher prices for quality luxury items that will last a lifetime, or can at least be repaired if they do break.

    Of course we can’t all afford to buy ourselves a brand new Rolex watch whenever we need a timepiece, which is why to be even more sustainable we should always look into buying second-hand watches and clothing items as our first choice.

    Learning to love preloved

    Why you should only buy second hand luxury watches and goods

    Buying quality clothing and accessories for their longevity is one step closer to a more sustainable world, but an even bigger step is to stop the ongoing production of new items when there are so many perfectly good unwanted pre-loved items available to us. We need to stop our desire for only wanting new things and change our opinion on second hand goods.

    There has definitely been a rise in the trend of thrift stores, upcycling and vintage goods in the last few years and I hope it’s not just a passing trend, but something that is here to stay and continue. 

    Here are a few reasons why it’s time to start buying only second-hand luxury items:

    ·         They’ll last longer

    Firstly if we start shopping for quality items that are made from high-grade materials then they will last longer.  Seeking items that are made with craftsmanship instead of mass produced goods that are churned out of factories for pence will ensure the items are fixable and won’t fall apart in a few weeks.  This is true for clothing, accessories and pretty much everything we buy in the household.

    ·         You’ll find something unique

    The best thing about preloved stores is you’ll never know what you’ll find.  And, when you do find something you love it will probably be the only one.  It’s not like buying the latest fashionable jacket from a cheap clothing store and then all your friends buying the same.  Finding items in second-hand stores means that you’ll likely find something that none of your friends have or will be able to find.  You’ll be unique.

    ·         It’s more affordable

    You might never have been able to afford high-quality or luxury goods like Rolex watches when they were new, but buying second-hand means your budget will go further.  Those items you never thought you could afford are now at a much more appealing price.  Even if you can afford to buy luxury goods brand new, there are plenty of reasons discussed here for why you shouldn’t.  Everyone, no matter what their budget, should choose second-hand as the first option for the love of the planet.

    ·         You can support a good cause

    Many second-hand stores are charity shops so you’ll be supporting a good cause when you buy from them.  Even if the second-hand stores you shop at are not affiliated with a charity, you’ll still be supporting a company that is doing good for the environment by recycling and reusing goods instead of producing more new items constantly.  Whether it’s a charity or not, choosing to buy preloved goods is always supporting a worthwhile cause.

    ·         Save the planet

    The best reason of all to choose second-hand watches and goods is to help save the planet.  The constant over production of mass goods in factories around the world is causing pollution to our air, water and more.  Poor quality synthetic fibres are adding to the plastic pollution problem and non-organic cotton farming is killing our wildlife and damaging soils due to chemical pesticides.  Clothing production is even causing deforestation.  It’s got to stop. 

    We need to learn to reduce, reuse and recycle more than ever and this can start with making second-hand shopping the norm.


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    Images from Canva

  3. Save money on contact lenses with a Waldo subscription

    Posted on

    Poor eyesight can be a costly nuisance.  Not only do you have to deal with not being able to see things as you should, but there’s the cost of eye appointments, prescription glasses and contact lenses to consider.  I’ve suffered with short-sightedness since I was around 12 years old and it really has been frustrating at times, especially when I forget my glasses, as well as very expensive.  In this blog post I’m going to take a look at how it’s possible to save money on contact lenses with a subscription from Waldo

    You can even try Waldo lenses for free, so read on to find out more.

    Did wearing glasses give me poor eyesight?

    When I was in junior school I always wanted glasses.  In fact glasses and a brace were top of my list!  My mum was of course horrified by these strange things I longed for, but back then I thought people turning up to school in glasses was so cool.  I guess it must have been around this age that people started to notice things wrong with their sight and so more and more of my friends were turning up to school with specs.  I wanted to be part of the glasses gang!

    _Save money on contact lenses with a Waldo subscription [canva image] (3)

    Unfortunately I got my wish.  I always wonder whether I made my sight bad myself, if that’s possible, as I wore my best friend Hannah’s glasses for whole school day’s at a time when we started senior school.  I soon noticed I couldn’t see the school chalkboards unless I was sat close to the front of the classroom and so my mum took me to get my eyes tested.  Sure enough I was short sighted and needed glasses.  My wish had come true!

    Be careful what you wish for

    If only I had realised what a bother needing glasses would be for the rest of my life.  My eyes aren’t so bad that I need to wear the glasses all the time, but sometimes I think that’s worse as it makes me more likely to forget them when I need them.  I am not allowed to drive without glasses and everything is pretty blurry all day long.  If you’re across the road from me then I wouldn’t be able to tell who you are!  Often my husband has thought I’m ignoring him from the other side of a room as if he smiles at me I can’t tell.  I can’t read signs such as menus behind café counters until I’m really close and even then it can be a struggle.  I forgot my glasses for a theatre show once and it was all a big blur!

    If only I could go back and talk some sense into my younger self who wanted glasses so desperately!

    The benefits of contact lenses

    _Save money on contact lenses with a Waldo subscription [canva image]

    Luckily there is a solution to wearing glasses all the time and this is to wear contact lenses.  I’ve been pretty terrible at wearing my glasses as an adult and usually just squint to try and see things far away.  It’s not helping with preventing wrinkles!  My glasses are normally in my car and that’s where they stay as I have to wear them for driving.

    As a young adult I decided to give contact lenses a go and they really have been a lifesaver in so many situations.

    Here are the benefits of contact lenses:

    • No bulky frames – I often found I was put off by my glasses frames.  It’s actually why I first tried contact lenses as I was having driving lessons and found my glasses really off-putting as I wasn’t used to wearing them so much.  I needed to concentrate on driving, but felt distracted by the frames I wasn’t used to seeing.  Once I got contact lenses I was less distracted by the glasses frames and able to tackle the task at hand.
    • No change in appearance – I’m always very self-conscious in my glasses.  As a kid I loved them and thought glasses were the coolest thing ever.  I wanted to wear them all the time.  As an adult, and even when I was an older teenager, I became more self-conscious of my appearance and really disliked having to wear glasses.  I’ve never felt they’ve suited my face.  Contact lenses take this worry away as no one can even tell I’m wearing them.
    • They won’t fog up – Most mornings when I get into my car and put my glasses on, they steam up!  It also happens when I open the oven door – a whoosh of hot air and I can’t see a thing!  Luckily contact lenses don’t have this problem and my sight is never obstructed.
    • They’re great for sports – I love to workout at the gym and had worn my glasses a few times, but they start slipping off and moving around if my workout is intense.   Contact lenses stay put and don’t distract me from my workout.
    • My vision is clearer – I mentioned they don’t fog up, but my vision overall is clearer.  With glasses I can get reflections and lines of light almost bouncing off them from car headlights at night.  With contact lenses it’s like seeing through my own eyes with perfect vision.
    • They’re comfortable – once you get used to them then they are really comfortable.  I even forget they’re in my eyes and often leave out my empty packets on the side to remind me to take them out before bedtime!  My glasses leave indents on my nose when wearing them and get in the way, especially with my young children jumping all over me!

    Save money on contact lenses with Waldo

    _Save money on contact lenses with a Waldo subscription [canva image] (1)

    You might now be thinking, well that’s all well and good, but aren’t contact lenses really expensive?

    They definitely used to be and I remember paying around £30 per month for daily disposable contact lenses, but times have changed.  Contact lenses subscription company Waldo is disrupting this industry by offering affordable contact lenses for just £12 per month that are premium quality.  By cutting out retailers and selling online only, they are able to offer high-quality contact lenses at the most affordable price.  There are no hidden costs either as delivery is free.

    Waldo believes contact lenses should be more affordable and the process simplified.  They’re cutting out the middlemen to keep costs down as well as making life easier for us by sending affordable contact lenses every month, hassle-free.

    Here are some of the benefits of Waldo lenses:

    • They have a super fine edge design so they’re comfortable to wear and reduce any sensation of something in the eye when blinking.
    • They are made with 58% water to keep the eyes moist all day long.
    • You’ll have UV protection with 70% of UVA and 95% of UVB rays blocked.
    • The lens design mimics the cornea to provide HD vision.
    • It’s a subscription service so they’ll be delivered to your door every month.
    • Delivery on subscriptions is free.
    • The original lenses are only £12 per 30 lenses.
    • They offer a free trial to see if they’re for you.
    • You can modify, pause or cancel at any time.

    Try Waldo contact lenses for free

    Sign up for a free trial of Waldo contact lenses to try them yourself.  You’ll get 10 pairs of contact lenses for free.  You just have to cover a one-off shipping fee of £2.95.


    Sign up here:


    Save money on contact lenses with a Waldo subscription

    In association with Waldo.

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  4. Spring 2019 fashion - 3 trends you can do on a budget

    Posted on

    Wednesday 20th March will mark the first day of spring this year, and the day is looming ever nearer. In the blink of an eye winter will soon be gone, and fashion fanatics everywhere will be overhauling their wardrobes and experimenting with new outfits. After all, each season is a poignant time for change, and this spring will be no exception!

    Still, while everyone likes to experiment with their look, trends do occur that people like to follow. Whether it’s simply aesthetic trends or concern paid to the environmental impact of the fashion industry, many people like to buy in line with different beliefs in mind.

    Personally this year I am attempting a zero-spend on clothing for the duration of the year.  Even if you have a capsule wardrobe, like me, or are also attempting a no-spend on clothing for 2019, you can still stay on trend if that’s important to you.  The trends this year are luckily items that I’m sure all of us have in our wardrobes. 

    If you’re looking to reduce your clothing impact on the environment then you’ll easily be able to rock the 2019 clothing trends by shopping for organic clothing, recycled clothing and browsing the thrift stores.  I’m pretty sure 2019 is going to see a surge in sustainable clothing options and it will become even easier to shop consciously.  Some of my favourite High Street stores already offer clothing made with recycled fabrics and I expect this environmentally friendly trend (and need) will only continue to grow.

    Here are some of the fashion trends all can expect to see in spring 2019.

    Lots of beige

    Spring 2019 fashion - 3 trends you can do on a budget (2)

    Colour schemes are a big part of what makes fashion work and evolve. Everyone is always excited to see which colours are hot on the catwalks and what we’ll therefore expect to see in clothing stores for the coming season.  This year it’s all about being beige for spring 2019.  Catwalks have seen models head to toe in beige.

    Associated with calm, elegance and softness, the shade is being worn more often than usual, and its popularity is amounting yet still. Of course, as the pristine trousers from Damart well prove, clothes can often work in any given colour – but beige, for some peculiar reason, is starting to get an edge on all the others.  Perhaps it’s time for this colour to have its spotlight.

    Luckily for those of us on zero-spend years or looking into more ethical ways of shopping for clothes, this is a colourway that is so often already in our wardrobes or is a staple shade that can be found in many stores, including charity shops or second-hand marketplaces.  Right now there are over 80,000 pre-loved beige womenswear items on eBay so this trend is accessible for all budgets.

    Bleached denim

    Spring 2019 fashion - 3 trends you can do on a budget (1)

    Everyone knows that denim never goes out of style completely. However, the way in which it’s made and presented is constantly changing and adapting with consumer demands. Grab your buckets of bleach as spring 2019 is all about the lighter shades of bleached denim.

    Typically, the cutting, acute and smarter denim looks can be attributed to the darker denim, while the casual, care-free goals can be discovered with the bleached denim. Bleached denim will become more popular this year due to well received, high profile catwalk displays on runways such as Isabel Marant and Alberta Ferretti showcasing bleached denim dresses, jackets and skirts.

    Again, denim is usually something that we all have and if creating a capsule wardrobe then a good pair of denim jeans and shorts is a staple choice.  Second hand denim jeans are really easy to come by and with a bit of research you can even find sustainable denim choices in the UK.

    Clashing prints

    Spring 2019 fashion - 3 trends you can do on a budget (3)

    If you were starting to feel a little less than inspired by the trends mentioned so far, don’t worry, this third fashion trend for 2019 will brighten your wardrobe and spark your creativity.

    Perhaps denim and beige is just a little too safe for you, and for some even too boring and normal.  Never fear as clashing prints are about to be big news!

    That’s right, mix your stripes with your florals or your animal prints with your polka dots.  Anything goes!  There’s no need to play it safe when it comes to this trend.  It’s in total contrast to the minimalism of light denim and beige and will satisfy the bolder among us.

    Nothing screams experimentation like a clashing prints piece of clothing. Clashing prints are more of an innovative arrival on the scene.  They typically feature bolder, more vibrant colours alongside a myriad of pattern choices, meaning that every outfit you create can be unique.

    Stripes, florals, spots and patterns are usually found in our wardrobes already and now it’s a case of getting creative and mixing patterns together you never thought possible before.  It’s another trend that is easy to do on a budget and that many of us will already have suitable items in our wardrobes without needing to spend a penny.


    Luckily these three fashion trends for spring 2019 are easy to accomplish with our existing wardrobes or by easily buying second-hand clothing from a charity shop or online marketplace.  Following fashion and clothing trends doesn’t have to be expensive, but can be possible with what you already own or with a little thrifty shopping.


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    Spring 2019 fashion - 3 trends you can do on a budget


    Collaborative post

    Images from Canva


  5. Keep your clothing costs down with subtle fashion

    Posted on

    In 2019 I have decided to do a no-spend year on clothes for myself.  I’ve asked my husband Ben to join in too, but we’ll see if he does.  My wardrobe is down to approximately 50 pieces, not including nightwear, gym wear or underwear.  That’s approx. 50 pieces of normal clothing, including 2 occasion dresses.  Though those dresses are more smart/funeral type, so let’s just hope we don’t get invited to any weddings in 2019!

    I love being minimal and was already on this path before it became a trend.  I unknowingly had a ‘capsule wardrobe’ before I read any articles about it.  I wasn’t always like this as I used to have a massive shopping addiction, clothes addiction and debt problem.  I would wear an outfit once and then never again.  I’d shop on store cards and the debt and addiction accumulated.  When it was time to get myself out of debt and go on a debt management program, I really had to learn to budget.  I had to sell most of my belongings, including nearly all my clothes, and I lived in a bedsit for the cheapest rent possible.

    It was here that my minimal journey really began as I lived in one room!  That room was my bedroom, kitchen and living room in one!  It was small, but it had to do.  I had to learn to lie minimally as I simply had no space for anything else – not even one storage cupboard!

    Now I love to live minimally.  I also like a challenge and I have a financial savings goal this year too, so I’m interested in all these no-spend challenges I’ve been seeing flying round the internet.  We’re going to try a couple of no-spend months and I’m personally trying a no-spend clothing year.  I did buy a backpack as I didn’t have one and a couple of bras as mine didn’t fit and now that’s it.  That was all I really needed to get me through a year when I looked at my wardrobe.

    Whilst not buying any clothing for an entire year might be a little too extreme for you, there are still ways you can cut back on your clothing spend, but still look and feel great.  One of these ways is with subtle fashion.

    How to do subtle fashion and keep your clothing costs down

    Keep your clothing costs down with subtle fashion


    Subtle fashion is simple fashion.  It’s knowing what looks great on you and keeping it understated, but at the same time also looking great!  It’s perfecting your own style and throwing together a look that looks effortless.  I want to show you why subtle fashion is the best fashion, and how you can easily achieve the look without it looking boring.

    Here’s how to do subtle fashion:

    Keep it neutral

    You can’t really go wrong with neutral colours and most people actually like to wear simpler things.  You can still look great in neutral colours by picking the best fits for you.  It doesn’t have to be boring as you can match it with a nice bag, some shoes, and some accessories.

    …and minimal

    Minimalism is a key part of subtle fashion as it’s about being subtle and not going overboard screaming look at me!  It fits well with a capsule wardrobe and minimal lifestyle.  It’s about choosing pieces carefully for the wardrobe and choosing well.

    Accessorising is essential

    It’s easy to make the plain and subtle fashion look more interesting through accessorising.  This is always a cheap and cheerful way to add interest, colour and pattern to a neutral outfit.  It also keeps costs down as you can alter the look of the same outfit with a few new accessories, which are much cheaper than buying clothes.  One great way to keep the look subtle and not clunk it up with jewellery is with a lovely pair of earrings.   It can add some bold features to the look, especially if you have your hair out of the way. But for a subtle look, we think simple earrings are the best, rather than going for something like big hoops or a statement pair. Minimal jewellery has been on trend and suits the subtle look perfectly.  Choose thin band rings, dainty necklaces and bangles.  Then just wear one or two at a time.  In the winter months a simple hat or scarf in a bright colour or monochrome pattern could be all you need to make your outfit more bold.

    Keeping it comfy

    There’s nothing better than being able to keep it comfy and that often comes in the form of the shoe that you’re wearing.  Subtle fashion for me is all about being comfortable and not overdressing, so flats are a must for me.  A good pair of comfy flats such as TOMS are great for a casual daytime look and some flat lace-up boots are perfect in the winter.  It’s possible to look chic, but also be comfy in slim stretch jeans and oversized jumpers.  Leggings, ponchos and flat knee-high boots.  It’s about being comfy and stylish all at once.

    Adding subtle colour

    Sometimes if you find yourself wearing all neutral colours, you need to find a way to add a bit of colour without making the look too bold. Bags can definitely do this for you. If you’re wearing all black then a contrasting colour such as mustard or red will really make the look pop, without making it look too chunky in colouring. Again, you can also choose a scarf or hat for a pop of colour.

    Mostly it’s about comfy clothes that are still stylish – a minimal wardrobe of your favourite fits that look great on you with accessories to add interest, colour and pattern.  Keep costs down by replacing key pieces when you really need to and looking to accessories to rejuvenate your outfit instead of an entire new outfit.


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