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How to make extra cash from home with matched betting

Have you heard of matched betting?  I stumbled across it on a website a few weeks ago and instantly thought it was a scam.  Then, somehow, I stumbled across it on a few other websites and blogs and it began to catch my attention.  Could this really be a legit way to make some extra income from home?  Surely it's too good to be true?

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It sounded too good to be true, but after seeing it on some reputable mummy blogs, I was sure they wouldn’t be advertising something dodgy.  So I started investigating it more.  There are even articles in newspapers telling you how to do it!

Turns out it’s betting, but without the gamble.  It’s taking advantage of the free bets that all the bookies offer when you sign up to them and they continue to offer even when you’re a customer. You place odds one way and the other to cover all eventualities.  Then you get a free bet and do the same, meaning you make a profit every time.

It took me a while to get my head around how it works, but it makes sense.  To make it super easy I signed up to a company called Profit Accumulator as they have a free package where they walk you through how to make up to £45 placing a couple of bets.  They make the whole process super simple and explain it step by step for total beginners.

After you’ve completed the free membership, you can walk away with your £45 or you can sign up to their platinum account for hundreds more offers and walk through guides.  I had made the money they promised with the free help, so they had me intrigued!  Could I really make hundreds a month using their service?

Answer is, I believe I can! 

I signed up for the £22.99 monthly subscription (there’s a £150 per year option to save money if you prefer) and I’ve made £301.07 in exactly two weeks.  I’m quite amazed!  I’ve made my first month’s subscription back and plenty more.

(Update - the monthly subscription is now only £18 in April 2017)

Anyone can try their free service and see how easy it is to make tax free cash every month using this system.  I’m still a total newbie, but I’m sure I can easily make £600+ a month with 30-60 mins of effort a day.

Are you intrigued?  Try their free service and see for yourself.

Try profit accumulator using my referral by clicking here! 

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