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Blog and home income report April 2018

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Welcome to my monthly income report where I share exactly how much money I have made from my blog and at home.  It’s great for me to see where I’m earning the money and also to inspire others who want to earn from home.  There’s a lot of debate of whether people should share income reports, but personally I love them!  When I wanted to monetise my blog I read them and they inspired me to push forward and go for it.  Without ever reading an income report of another blogger I wouldn’t have even known it was possible to make money from my own blog.

To read more on this with an in depth reason behind sharing my income reports start with this blog post:  Why I publish income reports (and how much I really work on my blog)

Making money from blogging is totally possible if you’re prepared to treat it like a business and put the hard work in.  As well as blogging, I make money from mystery shopping, website testing, eBay selling and also cashback. The top 3 ways I made money from home in 2017 is a great blog post to see my most profitable in one whole year.

April 2018 Income Breakdown:

The below are my totals before any expenses, income tax, national insurance or anything else, so my total turnover for the month.  My yearly business expenses are around £4000.  I also save around £500 per month to cover my annual tax, national insurance and student loan repayments and pension.  So my total monthly outgoings are approximately £830.

April was a quieter month than March and most others, but I was expecting this as we had the two weeks Easter holidays and we went abroad on holiday for one week.  I always find the school holiday months a little quieter, especially the longer holidays at Easter, Christmas and over summer.  I guess lots of people are away or working a little less around family and childcare commitments.  I still didn’t do too badly and almost hit £2000 turnover.

Blogging - £1550.66

This includes running giveaways, collaborative blog posts and reviews.  I charge for all of them.  The only time I don’t charge is if a review item is really high value and I really want it, or if I can do social shares only such as on Instagram.  Blog reviews can take around 2 hours of my time so I have to value this time.  Any free time I have should be spent with my children, husband, or blogging just for me.

For more blogging tips and advice, read how I made £26000 from home in 2017

Referrals - £53.10

I knew this would be lower this month as my second highest affiliate income closed down.  I really don’t concentrate on affiliate income, but some bloggers make most of their money this way.

Read how to make money from your blog with Awin affiliate marketing

Matched betting - £212.35

Another fab month considering I do it very part time, sometimes only one hour per week at most.  I aim for £100 per month, so this is great.  My outgoing for matched betting is just £14.99 per month which is my membership fee for the site I use.

I recommend using Profit Accumulator for matched betting as a beginner.  They have so many guides and walk you through the whole process in the first few offers.  If you are stuck you can ask a question in the forum and someone will get back to you.  They also have a 30 day money back guarantee on their memberships, plus you can try the first couple of offers without even signing up to anything to see that it really does work and is so simple once you get the hang of the free bet offers!  Read my One Year Review: How I earn up to £50 per hour matched betting from home for more information from a yearlong matched bettor – me!

WhatUsersDo & Streetbees- £26.00

I do website testing at WhatUsersDo and it’s so easy!  I get paid £5 per test and some of them are only a question or two.  Read my blog post ‘easily make money from home by testing websites’ and sign up yourself!

I also made £1 from Streetbees answering simple question: Get paid doing simple tasks from your phone with Streetbees

Lylia Rose Fashion Boutique - £9.99

This is the total sales from my online fashion boutique .  This used to be my main focus, but I don’t do much with it at the moment.  

A great related read is: Things I've Learnt from Running My Own Shop Business (the things no one tells you)

Personal eBay and Facebook Marketplace - £41.52

Only 10% of what I made last month, but understandable.  I turned off all my listings when I went on holiday and had to restart when we were back.  Annoyingly eBay don’t have a holiday mode so you have to end all listings when going away.

An eye-opening read:  Some of the strange and weird things I’ve sold on eBay

Reselling eBay - £21.47

I still haven’t bought any new stock and not sure if I will continue with reselling.  I just don’t have the time to focus on it.  Perhaps it will remain a tiny side hustle if I ever spot a bargain that I think I can resell.  I’d love to do more, but there aren’t enough hours in the day right now.  I only have less than six hours whilst the kids are at school to get everything done and it goes so quickly.

If you’re thinking of reselling, then read my blog post 6 places to find items to resell on eBay for a profit


Top Cashback - £3.78

Not a huge amount, but I have over £70 pending.  I’m just waiting for it all to clear.  Each retailer has a different timescale for checking and clearing cashback, so sometimes it sits in pending for ages, like mine seems to be at the moment.

Learn how to earn cashback on things you already buy and be amazed with amount of extra cash you have back in your pocket!  Get it on all your insurances, price comparisons, holidays, flights, hotels, shopping, groceries, tickets, MOTs – almost everything you can book and buy online!

APRIL 2018 GRAND TOTAL: £1918.87

  • Blog - sponsored/review/giveaway £1,550.66
  • Matched betting £212.35
  • Referrals £53.10
  • Personal eBay £41.52
  • WhatUsersDo & StreetBees £26.00
  • Resell £21.47
  • LR shop sales £9.99
  • Top Cashback £3.78

(In my best month so far I was able to make £3210 from home)

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