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6 of the best places to find items to resell on eBay for a profit

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I’ve recently started selling more on eBay and in particular, I’ve been reselling.  I’ve always sold our personal items on eBay like selling an old laptop online, or the kids old clothing and toys, and I've even sold some really weird things on eBay like selling weed (not what you think!!).

Oh, I had a store linked to eBay for my online fashion boutique too, but only recently did I become a reseller.  It’s very early days, but I’m already selling some of my resell items and over time I hope to increase how much I stock.  I absolutely love making money online and selling things so it seems a natural progression for me to become an eBay reseller.  I also love eBay which helps!  It's a great way to make money from home as a stay at home mum.

If you’ve also considered flipping items on eBay for a profit, but you’re not quite sure where to source these items from, you’re in the right place.  Today I am sharing with you the best places to source items to sell on eBay for a profit.

Online auctions

Once you’ve made a bit of profit, or if you have some cash to start out with, you can check out online clearance auctions and buy stock in bulk or sometimes singularly.  You’ll often find batches of redundant stock from businesses at a fraction of their usual cost.  As you’re bidding on the items you can bid for only as much as you want to pay.  If no one else is bidding then you’ll get the items for even less than anticipated.  You might even find the stock you want to sell on eBay, on eBay!

Outlet stores

Shopping the sales in regular stores is a great way to bag a bargain, but shopping in the outlet stores themselves is even more profitable.  In outlet stores the clothes are already a fraction of the usual RRP and if you shop in their end of season sales, well you’re going to get an even bigger reduction. 

If you can hold on to the end of season stock until that season rolls around again you’ll be able to sell more stock for a higher profit.  But don’t underestimate out of season stock.  There are always people going away for winter sun who can’t find summer clothes in store, so they turn to eBay to do their shopping.

Here are lots of places to find clothing to sell online.

Charity shops

With a bit of searching you can really find some gems in charity shops.  They often have designer gear and popular High Street labels at tiny prices.  Plus their stock changes constantly so you’ll find something new on every visit.

I used to think it was slightly immoral to buy stock to resell from the charity shops, but now I think it’s a win-win situation.  I get to make money to support my family and the charity shop makes money.  The more I sell, the more the charity makes.  Plus, I’d rather buy items to resell for a more sustainable world and support a charity, than buy new wholesale items from China.

Charity shops can be great for finding cheap jewellery to sell online, designer clothing or furniture.

Car boots

This is the place to find some of the cheapest items for sale.  Some people sell at a car boot to make a profit, but most are regular people having a huge clear out who want to make a bit of cash, but are really desperate to just get rid of the stuff and not take it home!

Get your haggle hat on and grab some bargains!

Facebook marketplace

We’ve used Facebook marketplace to sell items quickly and locally when moving house or if we need to get rid of something quickly.  Often items are sold within a few hours.  If you have the space to store some furniture to resell, this can be a great place to pick something up nearby and haggle the price. 

It’s not just furniture though, there are all sorts of things for sale, you just need to be able to collect them.


As we touched on above, it’s entirely possible to buy items from eBay to sell on eBay!  There are a lot of job-lot and wholesale bulk listings where you can purchase several items in one go and then sell them individually making a profit.  You could also get really lucky and purchase a single item for 99p in an auction and sell at a profit. 

I often check the sold listings and see the same second hand designer shoes, for example, sell for 99p and £20.  If you have the patience to wait for a little more money when selling something, then it’s always worth waiting.  Starting an auction at 99p when selling isn’t always the best move, but it’s great if you’re looking for these items to resell.  You could just get lucky and bag some designer gear for pence.

You may also find bargains when people have misspelled listings or taken really unclear pictures that others simply scroll past.  Items listed in the wrong category or ending at an undesirable time can also be great for getting the best deal on a price.

Make items yourself

Another option is to not resell already made items, but to make items yourself to sell online if you have the skills to make crafts, knitting, art, clothing or digital goods.