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How to save money on car and travel costs

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Despite the internet making things like remote working and shopping easier, travelling isn’t something that the majority of us can avoid.  However, if you’re clever about it, there are ways to significantly lower your car and travel costs.  From obtaining cheaper car insurance to leasing instead of buying, below are some of the simple steps you can take today.

Tips to save money on car costs

How to save money on car and travel costs

1. Shop around for cheaper insurance

Car insurance can be very expensive for new drivers, but if you don’t take the time to shop around when your policy is up for renewal, you could end up paying way more than you should for your car insurance.  When you know you’ve only got a month left on your current policy, head on over to or MoneySupermarket and see how much you could save.  Some policy providers will even match or beat quotes to convince you to remain with them, so this is a step worth taking.

You can even find comparison sites for car insurance on TopCashback and easily get £20-£30 cash back too.  I once got a few pounds cashback just for running a comparison and didn't even need to go through with any of the quotes!

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2. Shop around for fuel

Just like you can shop around for car insurance, you can shop around for fuel as well.  While the local garage may be the most convenient, travelling just a few miles out of town could end up saving you a lot of money over the cost of the year.  You can also look to supermarkets here too.  Many will give you discounts on fuel when you spend over a certain amount in-store.  It all adds up and you could make a great saving over a whole year.

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3. Consider leasing instead of buying

While many people think of buying when they need a car, it can actually work out better to lease.  Jaguar Leasing, for example, through Vantage Leasing can be obtained for as little as £200 a month, and there are other car brands available too at lower prices.  When you consider how much the finance would be on a new Jaguar, you’ll see how much you could save.  On top of this, when you lease a Jaguar or similar car, you aren’t responsible for maintenance or repairs, something else which can cost a lot of money the older the car is.

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4. Change the way you drive

We’re taught about fuel economy when we take our driving tests, but few drivers give it much thought once they’ve passed and are out on the roads.  But what if we told you that you could save a lot of money if you changed the way you drive?  By driving in the correct gear, avoiding over-revving and limiting the amount of weight your car is carrying, you will be saving fuel, which in turn saves money.  It’s also good to ensure your car receives regular maintenance, as there are a few car problems (such as not having your tyres inflated to the correct pressure) which can also waste fuel.

Final word

Driving is an important part of life for pretty much everyone who doesn’t live in a city centre.  However, the tips above should help you to lower your car and travel costs.


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Article originally posted in 2019 and updated in 2022.