Make money online with get paid to website 20 Cogs

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Make money online with get paid to website 20 Cogs

In this blog post I will share my 20 Cogs review and payment proof so you can see 20 Cogs is legit.  I began this blog post in September and updated it as cogs changed to green and to update on payment progress.  I can now confirm I have been paid directly to my bank account by 20 Cogs and the whole process took just over one month!  I made £130.95 from completing 18 offers.  More about why I completed two less than needed below.

Read on to learn what 20 Cogs is and how you can make some easy money online!

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04.09.19 - Today I am going to share my 20 Cogs review with you.  This is a get paid to website that I have seen mentioned several times before, but I’ve only just got around to trying it out myself. 

What is 20 Cogs?

A ‘get paid to’ website such as 20 Cogs offer cash in exchange for completing various online offers such as signing up for free trials of services, entering competitions, gaming and completing surveys.

The get paid to website will earn a commission for you signing up to the offer and instead of them keeping it all to themself, they will split it with you.

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Is 20 Cogs a scam?

Whilst it may sound too good to be true, I can assure you there are several of these types of money making websites out there and 20 Cogs is definitely not a scam. 

It’s a legit way to make a bit of extra cash in your spare time. 

There are plenty of bloggers sharing their earnings from 20 Cogs online and numerous Trustpilot reviews to reassure you.

20 cogs review is it a scam

How much can I earn with 20 Cogs?

Apparently their highest ever payment was £700, but an average earner will earn £200.  It all depends on the availability of offers at the time you sign up.

It will also depend on the offers you choose to complete.  You can skip some if you don’t want to take part in them or you may not be able to if the offer is for a new customer only and you are already a customer of that company.

It’s not a get rich scheme and it’s not going to replace your job, but it’s a great little side hustle to make some pocket money in your spare time.

You will also receive a referral link which you can share with your friends and family to earn extra commissions and boost your earnings.

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Why are they called 20 Cogs?

The one catch is that you must complete 20 offers before you can cash out.

The Cogs part cleverly stands for the types of things you do to make money:

  • C - Competitions
  • O - Offers
  • G - Gaming
  • S - Surveys

How do I sign up to 20 Cogs?

It’s super quick to set up a free account to start earning.  I set mine up using my iPhone and within around 20 minutes I already had £15 confirmed in my account balance from completing the first two offers.  I got a £5 welcome bonus too!

I’m now working my way through the offers to get to 20 so I can cash out :)

I’m up to £48 so far and I’m only half way through.  The casino offers are the most lucrative, but I’m already a customer of most of those from making money matched betting.

Simply click here to sign up with my referral link. 

Once you’re signed up then you can get a referral link to share with your friends and family to earn even more money!

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Don’t forget to cancel any trials

A great bonus of these websites is getting to try products and services for their free trials and make money whilst doing so.  But, it only works if you remember to cancel the free trial!

Once I’ve signed up for a free trial, I then check my settings or billing area to see when the free trial renews.  I then simply set a reminder on my phone calendar with an alarm the day before to remind me to cancel the subscription.

Don’t forget to do this or you’ll be charged for the service at the end of the free trial!

I also created a folder in my emails called ’20 Cogs’ so I can save all the welcome emails and any other emails as proof I’ve signed up for the offers in case anything doesn’t track properly. 

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Problems with 20 Cogs

The only annoying thing is that you have to complete 20 offers before being able to cash-out.  I guess they’re hoping people don’t complete all the offers and so never cash-out.  But I’m determined to cash-out!

I’ve also got half way through the offers and there’s a cog where I can’t complete any as I’m not a new customer for any of the offers.  I have my fingers crossed that they sometimes update the offers, but I’ve emailed customer service to see what to do as I can’t get past a cog.  Hopefully they’ll get back to me soon and I’ll let you know what they say.

If you’re new to these get paid to websites and sorts of offers then you’ll probably be fine!

I've almost completed all 20 offers, except two as I'm not a new customer.  The Waldo link also doesn't work when I click on it.  I've emailed them so once they get back to me then I'll update this blog post with my earnings and payment confirmation!

Make some great extra cash in your spare time by signing up to 20 Cogs with my refer-a-friend link:

Have fun and get earning!

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Update - all 20 cogs complete!

05.09.19 - I've now completed all the cogs!

20 Cogs all completed

Whoop!  I have now completed all 20 Cogs and so I just need to wait for them to all be confirmed and turn green, then I can cash out £130.95.

I tried completing the Waldo offer on another computer and it worked, so I must just need to delete all my cookies!

What happens if I can't complete a cog at 20 Cogs?

20 Cogs also got back to me about the cogs I couldn't complete.  There were two which showed me the same offers I'd already completed or I was already a member of the companies shown and these offers are only for new customers only.

They took around a day to respond to any messages I sent to their helpdesk and they kindly let me skip the cogs I couldn't complete by turning them green.

They said as I'd completed all the others and was such a valid member they'd turn them green for me and I don't need to complete them this time.

This is great news as I was panicking a little that I'd just wasted all my time and some money and wouldn't be able to complete the 20 Cogs.


If you run into any issues just contact their helpdesk by submitting a ticket on their website.

How much money did I spend to complete 20 Cogs?

So overall I completed 18 cogs and luckily it only cost me £4.77 overall.  This is beacuse I completed a mobile casino offer and a bingo offer and luckily won some money back!

As I've made £130.95 from the offers, I'll be £126.18 up overall.

Here's my record of the offers that weren't free, including any winnings if they are gambling offers:

cost of completing 20 cogs

You don't have to do gambling offers.  You can wait and chose whichever offers you like.  I just wanted to get it all done in one go, so chose all the offers I could, including gambling!  I'd still have made a profit overall even without any winnings from these offers.

How long it took me to complete 20 Cogs

I think it took around four hours of my time to complete everything, so just over £30 per hour profit!  I set aside a morning purely for completing 20 Cogs, but you can take as long as you need or spread it over days or even months as there's no time limit.

Obviously I was lucky to win some money back from two of the offers I completed, otherwise my profit would have taken a much bigger dent, so this is variable.

There are also lots of different offers on each cog, so it depends which you choose to do as they all have different payouts.  I was already a member of some things which had high payouts so I couldn't do them.

Some of the offers are free, but some need a small investment to take part, but you'll make that back and more from the cash back offered.

I also have a shave kit, contact lenses and month's worth of coffee coming in the post.  Plus I get to use lots of the trials I signed up for if I want to for a month, or however long they are.

Getting paid at 20 Cogs

Now I'm just waiting for all the cogs to turn green and for all the trials to end so I can cancel them all!

Then I can get paid.

I will up date this blog post again once I've been paid, but it may be a month or so away as some trials are 30 days.

Payment is then by bank transfer or PayPal.

30 days later - only one cog left to turn green at 20 Cogs!

04.10.19 - It's now been 30 days and almost all the cogs have turned green.  I actually messaged the customer service yesterday as they say cogs should turn green within 30 days and none of mine had changed!  They let me know they were all set to turn green today, so hopefully the last one will change in the next 24 hours.  If not I guess I might be contacting them again.  I might give it a week or so to not bother them again and give it a chance to change.

As soon as the last one has changed I'll be able to cash out my £130.95 giving me £126.18 profit for around four hours work!

Image of all my 20 cogs turning green except one amber

All 20 Cogs are green!

08.10.19 - all 20 Cogs were green yesterday so I have requested my cash!  I noticed there's a PayPal fee and I'd chosen PayPal as my payment method, so I've added my bank details, but not sure if it's too late as I'd already hit the cash out button.  I'll let you know.

Here's what happened when I cashed out:

Make money online with get paid to website 20 Cogs



Make money online with get paid to website 20 Cogs - all green


Make money online with get paid to website 20 Cogs - cash out proof




Make an extra £5 by leaving a review for 20 Cogs

I have had email confirmation that my payment has been processed and I've not received it by PayPal, so I must have luckily added my BACS details in time.  Phew!

The email confirmation also offered me an extra £5 if I left a Trustpilot review.  So I did!  


20 Cogs - make money online



20 cogs extra £5

Ignore my upside down head!  I have updated the photo since!!


20 Cogs payment proof

11.10.19 - I have been paid!

Here is the bank transfer screenshot!

20 Cogs payment proof

Whoop!  So I can confirm 20 Cogs is not a scam and they definitely pay out!

Try it yourself!  Sign up to 20 Cogs here!



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