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3 ways to make money online in the UK with Profit Accumulator

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Matched betting isn’t the only way to make money online in the UK with Profit Accumulator.  There are actually three ways you can use the platform to make money.  Read on to learn how to make the most out of Profit Accumulator to maximise your earnings.

3 ways to make money with Profit Accumulator:


1.     Matched betting with Profit Accumulator

So yes, the first way is by matched betting with Profit Accumulator!  It’s advisable to know how to matched bet and that the platform is legit before you start using methods 2 and 3 below!

If you haven’t used the platform before then you can sign up for a free trial without any credit card details to see how it all works.  Visit Profit Accumulator to learn more about their free trial.


2.     Profit Accumulator refer a friend

Once you are registered you can boost your online earnings using the Profit Accumulator refer a friend scheme.  For every friend that joins PA through your own referral code, you will receive £10.  The £10 is paid 31 days after your friend has been signed up to the platform on a paid subscription.  If you get five friends to sign up then you’ll receive a £25 bonus!


3.     Profit Accumulator affiliate scheme

Another great way to make money with Profit Accumulator is through their affiliate scheme.  You don’t even need to be a subscriber of PA to be an affiliate, though I do recommend using their platform and trying it yourself so you understand what it all is!  As an affiliate you will receive a tracking link to share with others.  Any members that you refer through your affiliate link and go on to set up a paid account will be attributed to you.  You’ll receive 50% (after tax) of their subscription.  This will be paid a month in arrears as soon as you hit a minimum payment threshold of £50.

If you’re not sure you can get a lot of signups and just a few, then the refer a friend option might be best for you.  You’ll be paid £10 after 31 days of a referred friend signing up to a paid subscription.  With the affiliate scheme you will need to wait until you have reached a £50 minimum payment threshold before you can receive your payment.

The best thing to do is firstly sign up to the free trial at Profit Accumulator and give matched betting a go yourself to see just how easy it is to make extra cash in your spare time at home.



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