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Storewards invite code + review

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If you’re a fan of receipt snapping apps as a way to make extra cash and earn gift cards, then you may already be aware that Receipt Hog is closing its doors to UK customers at the end of September and being replaced by a new and exciting app called Storewards.

Read on to learn more and use Storewards invite code gz1sc to get 250 extra coins to spend on gift cards such as Amazon and PayPal cash.

What is Storewards?

Put simply, it’s a receipt snapping app that rewards you for sharing your receipts.

Simply download the Storewards app, snap receipts, earn coins for each valid receipt you snap and exchange these coins for gift cards and PayPal cash!

Receipt apps are an easy and fun way to make extra cash from your smartphone with little effort!

Storewards invite code + review

Storewards perks

Not only can you make cash and earn gift cards by snapping your receipts, but Storewards has many other ways you can earn extra coins so you can cash out even quicker!

  • Use the refer-a-friend scheme to bag yourself extra points as well as giving your friend points when they sign up.
  • Climb the levels to earn bonuses when you reach each new level.
  • Kickstart your coins with a registration bonus.
  • Earn a daily coin bonus too!

Storewards invite code + review


What are the Storewards rules?

You can snap up to 5 receipts per day with a maximum total of 20 per week.

You'll earn 600 coins per receipt and can earn more with the perks I mentioned above.

Cash outs start at 20,000 coins for a £2 voucher or 100,000 coins for a £10 voucher. 

PayPal and Amazon vouchers are available.

Only one person per household can sign up.

Receipts must be snapped within 14 days of purchase.

For full terms and conditions check out the FAQs section on their app!

How many coins can I earn on Storewards?

  • 600 coins for every receipt
  • 1000 coins for every friend referred
  • 250 coins if you use my refer a friend Storewards invite code
  • Registration bonus - were you a member of Receipt Hog?  Sign up with the same email address for a 10,000 coin bonus!
  • Daily bonuses every day with a larger bonus each day up until the fifth day you come back
  • Coin bonuses for climbing levels as you snap more and more receipts

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Get 250 extra coins with my Storewards invite code

When signing up to the app it will ask for your name, phone number and email address.

There’s also a box to enter an invite code so you can get 250 extra points.

 I’ll get some extra points too - thank you in advance for using my Storewards invite code :)

Simply use my invite code to get 250 extra Storewards points as soon as you signup:

Click here to sign up to Storewards today and get 250 extra coins with code gz1sc


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Storewards invite code