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  1. chewy raw chocolate brownie recipe - easy healthy no cook - lylia rose food

    chewy raw chocolate brownie recipe - easy healthy no cook - lylia rose food

    My Very Chewy Raw Brownie Recipe!

    2 Cups Soaked Pitted Dates
    1/2 Cup Cacao Powder
    1/2 Cup Cashews
    1/4 Cup Raisins
    1/4 Cup Almonds
    3 Squirts Agave Syrup (or honey or no added sugar really needed at all!)
    Most of the raw chocolate brownie recipes I've seen require medjool dates.  Well,  they are very tasty, but very expensive for a small quantity.  I had huge 1kg bags of regular pitted dates in my cupboard so wanted to see if these made some just as well.  And, they do.
    I soaked the dates in slightly cooled boiled water whilst I gathered the rest of my ingredients.  This helps to make them sticky which really helps to bind everything together.  Then, the process couldn't be simpler.  Put all the ingredients into a food processor & pulse until they form a big sticky lump.  Press into a relevant sized tub/tin/Tupperware and freeze for one hour before transferring into a fridge.
    Cut into squares and eat.

    These are super duper chewy (thanks to the addition of raisins), which (in my opinion) are the best kind of brownies, combined with a few chunky hard bits (some delicious cashew chunks).  If you want less chunky nuts, just grind these smaller before you add the other ingredients.
    Sticky, chewy, chocolatey, healthy raw brownie goodness.  Yum!
  2. june 2015 flowbox vegan subscription box contents - lylia rose food blog po

    june 2015 flowbox vegan subscription box contents - lylia rose lifestyle bl

    What's in my June 2015 Flowbox?
    I actually totally forgot about my Flowbox arriving this month, so was even more excited when it arrived.  It's only the second one I've received and I was ever so impressed with the first.
    The June box is just as good and so I'm still convinced  this is the perfect subscription box for me.
    Here's this months contents:
    Faith in Nature Shampoo
    Clear spring SeaVeg Crisps
    Clif Bar Energy Bar
    Rehlauf Roasted Soybeans
    Smooze Mango & Coconut Fruit Ice
    It all looks just great and I'm very excited to try the shampoo.  I've been looking for a new 'adult' brand of natural shower products.  I currently use Bella and Reuben's! Read why by clicking here.

    I'll be posting reviews for the items I like, so do pop back soon.
  3. raw crispie chocolate with cacao & wholegrain puffed kallo rice - lylia

    Raw Chocolate with Crispies Recipe

    I was very chuffed with how my (kind of first) attempt at raw chocolate turned out.  It was really delicious! Me and Ben actually polished off the whole batch in one sitting.  I think slightly more may have gone my way!
    It was my first attempt using raw cacao butter.  A couple of weeks back I tried to make some using coconut oil, but they were a bit too oily tasting and not very chocolate like.  I've since discovered it's better to make raw fudge with coconut oil.
    I looked online for inspiration for a raw chocolate recipe and then made up my own!  I really can't believe it worked first try!  Here's my recipe and the brands I used:
    60g Cacao Butter 
    30g Coconut Palm Sugar 
    30g Cacao Powder
    (All the above from The Raw Chocolate Company)
    2 Pinchfuls Black Chia Seeds (The Chia Co)
    1 Scoop Wholegrain Puffed Rice (Kallo)
    A Dollop of Honey (Tesco Organic)
    The method is so simple! Pop a glass bowl over steaming hot water in a pan.  Chuck all the ingredients in and stir until the butter has thoroughly melted.  Spoon the mixture into moulds or pour into a tray (I tried both and both worked well). Pop in the freezer/fridge to set. I put them in the fridge first, then got impatient so put them in the freezer!!
    Eat and enjoy!
    These are so rich and tasty.  The crispies also floated to the top of the hearts/bars which created a great 'topped' effect.  I'm going to be making a lot of my own raw chocolate now!
  4. Blueberry, Banana & Bee Pollen Smoothie Recipe

    Isn't this a fab colour?  It's kind of like a milkshake too thanks to the frozen blueberries.  It's lovely and sweet so great for after a meal.  It's just as delicious as its delicious colour which I'm obsessed with.  I've been adding bee pollen to lots of recipes since discovering them and their incredible health benefits.  They're also pretty delicious too, in small quantities.

    purple blueberry bee pollen smoothie - healthy food blogger uk lylia rose

    purple blueberry bee pollen smoothie - healthy food blog uk lylia rose

    Simply blitz all the below ingredients in a blender until smooth and then adore the fabulous colour.  My favourite kitchen smoothie maker is my Nutri Ninja.  it's by far the best piece of kitchen equipment I've purchased and I use it at least once a day.  It's great for smoothies, milkshakes and even making a super smooth batter in two seconds!  I highly recommend this.  It's super easy to clean too, just rinse out once done.

    5 tablespoons frozen blueberries
    2 frozen bananas (or fresh are fine too)
    1 cup almond milk
    1/2 cup coconut milk
    1 teaspoon honey
    1 teaspoon bee pollen
    Obviously you can switch the milk for your fave and the honey for a syrup instead or take it out all together and enjoy the sweetness from the blueberries only.
    All you need to do is blitz all the ingredients together in a smoothie maker like the Ninja and it's ready in ten seconds or so.  Easy peasy.
    Never heard of bee pollen? Here's a snippet from one of my previous blog posts outlining some of its many benefits:
    'Where do I begin with bee pollen?  This stuff is supposedly magical.  If it’s good for you, bee pollen more than likely contains it.  I read somewhere that if you were stranded on a desert island with only water and bee pollen, you should easily survive and may even be very healthy indeed.  Please don’t try this though!

    It is supposedly a complete food containing nearly all the nutrients humans need.  Gram for gram it contains more protein than any other animal source.  Bee pollen is full of vitamins including B-complex, folic acid, minerals, fatty acids and enzymes.

    It is thought to be good for aiding digestion, improving skin, maintaining fertility, increasing energy levels, reducing certain allergies, strengthening the immune system, aiding weight loss, improving PMS, increasing physical stamina, soothing stomach problems and more and more.

    It is possible to be allergic to it, so be careful if you try it.  If you are allergic to honey, bees or bee stings then definitely steer clear.'

    Have you ever heard of bee pollen?  I'd recommend it for adding to smoothies, sprinkling on muesli and adding to energy balls.  You only need a tiny bit so the upfront cost may seem quite large, but you only use a small amount at a time so it lasts ages.

    Try Holland and Barrett or a health food store if you're wondering where to buy some.

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