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  1. rude health organic hazelnut drink milk - lylia rose uk food blog review

    Rude Health Review

    I purchased Rude Health’s newest flavour drink last week, hazelnut, and quickly realised I’ve never blogged about my absolute love for these drinks and this company.  I’ve been drinking Rude Health ‘milk’ for almost one year now.  I’d highly recommend it.

    I originally planned on turning vegan this year.  I became obsessed with watching documentaries on YouTube last year about veganism and plant based whole food diets.  I’m already vegetarian and it seemed like the next logical step to take for a healthier lifestyle, and to leave a smaller footprint on the environment.  One small step at a time though, and my first is cow’s milk.  I already enjoyed soya milk and often drank this instead of milk. So I decided to give up milk (as a drink) for good and change completely over to soya.

    Before becoming a Rude Health convert, I mainly drank soya milk.  Shop bought soya milk, however, has a lot of unnecessary ingredients.  I was becoming a little concerned when reading labels.  I did find a much purer soya milk brand, but, whether it was coincidence or not, developed an itchy rash the more I consumed.  I set about trying to find a cow’s milk and soya alternative for my morning muesli and luckily stumbled upon Rude Health.

    Rude Health drinks are not called ‘milk’ or even labelled as an alternative, they are called drinks.  I am just using the term milk as this is what I use them to replace.  They point out on their website they are not anti-dairy, just anti rubbish ingredients really!  Instead of regular milk, I use Rude Health drinks on my cereal, in smoothies and to make delicious hot raw chocolate drinks!  Ooh, and I recently used the coconut drink to make fruit smoothie ice lollies which were delicious (see here).

    The flavours I recommend and use are hazelnut (new and totally yummy), almond (never disappoints), coconut (great for smoothies and tastes super summery) and oat (so good on a bowl of, well, oats and for a hearty hot choc).

    A word I keep bashing around in my blog posts recently is cool.  I seem to have gone back to my teenage years where I labelled everything I loved as cool.  But, this company, in my opinion, is pretty cool.  Their website is cool, their branding is cool, their packaging is cool and their ethics are cool.  If you love real, honest food, just pop over to their website and see what I am talking about!  It’s full of great products (more than these drinks, but these are what I use every day) and there’s even a ‘rants’ page, ha!

  2. plant for peace pomegranate mulberry lemon oil superfood bar - lylia rose u

    plant for peace pomegranate mulberry lemon oil superfood bar - lylia rose f

    Plant For Peace Pomegranate, Mulberry and Lemon Oil | Yoghurt Coated Superfood Fruit Bar | Review

    It’s always fab finding out a worthwhile cause is supported when purchasing a product.   Plant For Peace provide one tree, for every bar purchased, to farmers in conflict and post conflict areas around the world.  They aim to achieve food security in a sustainable fashion and to encourage the farmers to create their own income.  There’s no better excuse for munching on one of these bars if you ask me!  A yummy bar that tastes good and does good.

    I tried the pomegranate and mulberry flavour and wasn’t overly impressed, but then I tried the lemon oil version and I was much more impressed.  It’s one of the most unusual fruit bars I have ever tasted, but very scrumptious and moreish.  I wanted more just to experience the strange, but wonderful, mix of flavours.  The lemon oil definitely makes a difference, making the bar much more desirable.  I’m yet to try the orange oil bar, but I have a feeling I may like it.  I really like orange flavoured things usually, so I’m expecting good things.

    I found these at Holland and Barrett, but have not yet seen them anywhere else.  If you see one you should definitely buy one and feel good you are helping a great cause.


  3. cactus pink flower household windowsill plant - lylia rose lifestyle blog u

    cactus pink flower household windowsill plant - lylia rose lifestyle blogge

    Flowering Houseplant Cactus

    A couple of weeks ago I noticed some fuzzy balls on one of my cacti.  I tried to remove one, thinking it was a ball of fluff stuck in the spikes, but to my surprise it was attached!  How strange.  I hoped my poor cactus didn’t have a disease (I’d destroyed two before by watering too much, oops).  I had been careful this time to not disturb my cacti too much and just water once per month.  Then to my surprise a green shoot popped out and within days a brilliant pink flower appeared out of nowhere!

    My first cactus flower!  Yay!  I’ve heard cacti can flower once a year if kept in the right conditions.  I never thought mine would, so it has me quite excited.  The flower is pretty amazing too, really unusual and very cool.  I keep peeking at it constantly.  I have my fingers tightly crossed for my others to flower now.


  4. ugly lemon and ginger unsweet infused water - lylia rose uk food blog

    UGLY Unsweet Water | Ginger and Lemon

    I discovered UGLY water in July’s vegan subscription Flowbox.  I absolutely love water and a chilled still mineral water (preferably Evian) is my drink of choice.  I definitely usually steer clear of flavoured water as they have so much added sugar or sweeteners.  Ugly water is different.  Ugly Unsweet Water is totally unsweetened, letting their natural flavours come through instead. 

    Ginger and Lemon are an ideal mix.  The water tastes rather plain at first, but as soon as I swallowed, the ginger kick hit my mouth and it was very satisfying.  I couldn’t put the drink down, gulping away for more of these addictive ginger hits!

    Not only did I love the taste of this water, but I think the brand name and slogans are pretty cool too.  The name UGLY definitely attracts attention straight away.  It’s not the most obvious cool or pretty name for a company, but it works.  The slogans are very clever too including ‘beautifully different’ and ‘you’re sweet enough already’. 

    I’d definitely buy this in a shop if I needed a bottle of water.  Sorry my trusty Evian, you’ve got competition!

  5. bentley organic bodywash natural shower gel - lylia rose beauty blog uk

    Bentley Organic – Natural Shower Gel Review

    I mentioned in a previous post I was searching for a more natural shower gel that, at the very least, did not contain SLS, SLES or parabens.  To find one which was affordable was also high on my list.  Most natural, organic, environmentally friendly products usually come with a hefty price tag.  Well, I’ve found a brand which ticks all the boxes.  Bentley Organic sell some scrumptious organic natural bodywash (and squirty hand soap too) and they are a great price.

    I first tried their hand soap a while back and was impressed.  I’d stood in Tesco reading the labels of every squirty hand soap and they ALL contained SLS.  I then went on to find some SLS free squirty soap after searching online.  I didn’t realise Bentley Organic had a larger range until I spied the body wash in Wholefoods and recognised the brand.  They have a huge selection of natural organic items including childrens bath and eco friendly household cleaning products.

    I chose the revitalising bodywash with cinnamon, sweet orange and clove bud, as well as a deep cleansing bodywash with olive, tea tree and eucalyptus.  Both types have over 80% organic ingredients and are Soil Association Certified.  As stated on their website, this extra seal of approval means the products are not only organic, but also:

    • Not tested on animals and do not contain ingredients of animal origin
    • Parabens free
    • GMO free
    • Do not contain SLS or SLES
    • Free from petro-chemicals

    So, they are more environmentally friendly by supporting a reduction in harmful chemicals and encouraging better farming practices.

    I paid £2.50 for each bodywash, which I think is a bargain compared to other companies selling similar items.  I think these are the cheapest I have seen.  I think I prefer the smell of the tea tree version, but both smell great.  They froth up well (who needs SLS, eh?) and leave silky super soft skin.  As they are so frothy a little goes a long way, making them even better value.

    There is absolutely no need to buy a product containing nasty chemicals when you can get a more environmentally friendly organic version as good as these.  I’ll definitely be purchasing this brand regularly from now on.