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  1. indigo herbs super vital mix beetroot acai baobab lylia rose blogger food h

    Feel Super with Indigo Herbs Super Vital Powder!

    Mmm Mmm Mmm!  Just look at this amazing coloured powder!  Isn’t it fabulous?  I was kindly sent this powder to review and I knew I’d be impressed.  It contains three delicious superfood powders – acai, baobab and beetroot.  It’s marketed as being high in vitamin C, high in antioxidants, great for purifying the blood and for fighting those pesky free radicals.

    Here are the top benefits:

    • High in dietary fibre, vitamin C and potassium
    • Source of vitamin E, Vitamin B1, calcium, magnesium, iron
    • Provides a natural energy boost
    • Great for your immune system
    • Detoxifying qualities thanks to high antioxidant content

    Baobab is one of my favourite powders which I’ve blogged about before.  It’s a natural vitamin with a distinct refreshing citrus flavour.  It also contains good amounts of potassium; a vital mineral used by every cell in our body.  Potassium aids blood pressure, metabolism, muscle strength and so much more.  It’s one of the most important minerals for the correct functioning of the body.  Why not mix this powder with bananas for a creamy smoothie with even more potassium?

    Beetroot is super good for you and along with the acai berries will be what give this drink its incredible colour.  Beetroots have been gaining popularity as a superfood in recent times and I have definitely noticed beetroot juices popping up everywhere!  I’ve tried beetroot juice before and it’s a bit too strong for me, but as a powder in this mix, it’s just the right amount of beetroot taste.  Beetroots increase stamina, lower blood pressure, eliminate toxins from the liver (and thus improves the quality of your blood) and are packed with nutrients.

    Acai berries are one of the first superfoods I ever heard about, before I even really knew what a superfood was.  It has since been debated whether acai berries really are so high in antioxidants, but either way they still contain good amounts of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, dietary fibre and even heart healthy fats.  They have good amounts of the minerals magnesium and iron which can help to boost energy levels.

    indigo herbs super vital mix beetroot acai baobab lylia rose blog food heal

    This colourful powder is delicious on its own simply topped up with your favourite milk, or in my case oat milk, making it an easy and convenient way to grab a vitamin packed energy boost.  But, my favourite recipe so far is one heaped teaspoon of Indigo Herbs Super Vital Powder Blend, a teaspoon of maca powder, a tablespoon of milled flaxseed and oat milk all shaken together in my new favourite shaker!  It takes a couple of minutes to make this tasty combination and it’s so good for you.  There is no need to have sugar filled regular milkshakes when you can create something as flavoursome and good for you in the same amount of time.

    The powder starts at £7.49 for 100g coming in a re-sealable easy to use pouch.  The recommended daily dosage is just half a teaspoon up to four, so a small pouch will go a long way!  The powder is created from 100% pure botanical ingredients so you are only getting the very best quality with nothing nasty or unnecessary added.

    indigo herbs super vital mix beetroot acai baobab lylia rose blog food heal

    It’s so easy to start reaping the benefits of superfoods when companies such as Indigo Herbs make it so easy.  In no time at all you can create a delicious superfood drink.  I’m very impressed with this powder and have enjoyed a fab magenta coloured shake at least once per day over the past week.  I actually had three in a row once as they are so good!

    To find out more or to buy one of their amazing powder blends visit


  2. 7 things i miss now i’m a parent - lylia rose lifestyle parenting blog post

    Aah, serenity...

    7 Things I Miss Now I’m a Parent

    Being a parent is a full time job.  I never quite understood the reality of that statement until I had two young children.  It is a full on non-stop all day long job with no rest.  There’s always something to do in every room and children to constantly entertain.  Believe me it’s very rewarding and the best job in the world, but also very frustrating and trapping at times!

    With a hyper three year old and an inquisitive one year old keeping me on my toes each day, these are the seven things I currently miss the most:

    A Full Night’s Sleep

    It is very rare that I get a full night’s sleep and when I do it is usually just the once.  Two nights in a row is obviously asking a little too much at this point in time!  Reuben loves his sleep.  He’s pretty much like clockwork going down at 7pm and rising at 6am.  It’s Bella, three, that gives us the most trouble!  Whether it’s growing pains, a nightmare, wanting a light on or sneaking into our bed at 2am, there always seems to be something wrong or a wail that wakes us up.  Hopefully this stage will pass as I’m not sure I can continue to fund the endless pots of under eye concealer!

    Being Alone

    I never used to like being alone.  In fact I hated it.  I much preferred to be around people and craved company.  Oh how the tables have turned.  Now I’m craving time alone.  Even just a few hours by myself in total quietness would be bliss!

    Making a Phone Call

    I do much prefer the convenience of texting and emailing.  Being able to pick these up at a time that suits is most ideal, but every now and then a phone call is the only way.  I’ve recently had to call my orthodontist and renew my car insurance and there is never a good time to do such a thing with two littles.  You can guarantee, even if they are being angelic and playing nicely (and quietly), as soon as I make an important phone call they will both start screeching and clambering all over me!  The receiver will usually understand, but by this point it’s just impossible for me to continue the conversation as I can’t hear a word they are saying let alone concentrate on anything important!  If only everything could be done via email!

    Having a Lie In

    What’s a lie in?


    It’s been four years since I went on holiday.  I mean a h-o-l-i-d-a-y.  Not visiting family.  Not just away for one or two nights.  I mean a proper full blown jump on a plane get me out of here to somewhere foreign and warm holiday.  Oh how I miss holidaying.  It’s mostly been because we bought our house which needs doing up in every single room, so all spare cash has funded this project for the past two years.  Then Ben needed a new car.  Now my quest for perfect teeth is swallowing spare funds.  But aside from all that, could we really have a ‘holiday’ with a one year old and three year old?  When I start thinking about it I start realising it might just be a nightmare and not holiday like at all.  Perhaps it would be better to wait until they are a little older anyway?!

    Leaving the House

    ONE HOUR it took me to get myself and both littles out the door to the soft play yesterday.  Reuben had two poos.  The change bag needed restocking.  Bella ran around with no trousers on hiding from me.  I almost gave up and stayed home.  I miss the days when I want to go somewhere and within two minutes I’m in my car driving there.  Leaving the house with two littles sometimes seems impossible.

    Having a Conversation

    So I do still talk and have a conversation, but never properly.  Sometimes Ben and I are trying to talk but both littles are in such a high volume, we just give each other a look that says ‘what’s the point, I can’t hear you, you can’t hear me, let’s just be silent until they go to bed’.  If I do manage to have a conversation that isn’t drowned out then I’m usually trying to half concentrate on what Bella or Reuben are up to, so I’m only ever half listening anyway.  And, if I do have the luck of having a conversation kid free then I’m usually super tired with the attention span of my three year old!

    Is there anything you miss since becoming a parent?!


  3. As we’re tackling more and more of our home improvements, I’ve come to realise that I really do enjoy making the house our home. Putting our own stamp on things has given me a real sense of achievement and satisfaction. I’ve loved all those trips to the DIY store. Browsing all the tiles, flooring, paints, and bathrooms have been a lot of fun at times.

    But even though I’ve been keeping busy making so many improvements to the house, I have also had a few style crushes on the high-end things I’ve seen. Typically, they are all out of my budget range! I’m talking about all those gorgeous luxury fittings you see, like the solid wood flooring, and the quality wallpaper at forty quid a roll. Would I like to own a luxury home? I would certainly like to if I had the money!

    A luxury home for me is as much about functionality and convenience as it is about beauty and quality. Who wouldn’t want a kitchen the size of a living room, or a bathroom as big as your bedroom? Size does make things easier. And I have to admit there are one or two rooms at home I secretly wish I could extend! My idea of a luxury house definitely includes big sized rooms.

    I think I would like to have a couple more rooms too. A good sized playroom would be perfect for us right now. For a start, it would contain the mess of toys! And it would also be a fantastic environment for children to get creative and have fun. That’s my idea of luxury! I think I might like fitted speakers in each room so I could listen to music wherever I am in the house too.

    heres what i would look for in a luxury home

    I’ve seen some amazing houses for sale online that have swimming pools or gyms. But for me, I think I would go for a hot tub. I love the idea of all the bubbles soothing my muscles and helping me relax at the end of a long day. I would probably put it under a veranda, so we have privacy and some cover when it’s too hot or too cold.

    I would also love a big garage so I can put the car away each night in the winter. I hate scraping all the ice off the windscreen when I’m in a hurry in the morning. Solid oak garage doors will be perfect for making my luxury home look contemporary and stylish. Perhaps I’d invest in a much classier car! I suspect a good people carrier will do for my family, though.

    A double shower would be amazing for the master ensuite in my luxury home. All that room to wash your hair without bashing your elbows on the side would be perfect. Jacuzzi showers look amazing. They have light effects, built-in TV screens and speakers. And best of all, they give you the most incredible shower experience. I might never come out!

    I think the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. I would love an incredible tiled floor with underfloor heating. Soft close drawers and cupboards are ideal when there are kids about. And a huge American style fridge freezer will be perfect for storing all those fresh fruit and veg from the garden. A double oven would also make things so much easier.

    I’d stick with solid oak worktops and glossy cupboard doors, but perhaps have a farmhouse style sink. LED plinth lighting is a must, and I think I would like some better lights over the cooker too. A huge brushed steel extractor hood that efficiently takes all the steam out of the room is essential as well. No more wiping steamy windows!

    heres what i would look for in a luxury home

    What woman doesn’t want a dressing room? I think my ideal luxury home would definitely have a good sized dressing room. There would be lots of wardrobe space and drawers. I would have an amazing dressing table and somewhere to hang the hairdryer instead of putting it away day in day out. And there would be light and mirrors everywhere so I can see what I’m doing on those dark mornings. So indulgent and luxurious!

    I think it would be nice to have a luxury home one day. But right now, I’m enjoying taking care of this place with my family. It has plenty of potential, and there are still lots of things to do.  Perhaps one day we’ll have turned this place into our ideal home!

    How would your luxury home look?


  4. smartshake the worlds smartest shaker blog review lylia rose uk

    ‘The World’s Smartest Shaker’

    I’m a bit dumbfounded at why I have never used a shaker before now.  I always use my blender to make my shakes.  Of course a blender is needed when blending fruits and veg into a smoothie, but I was also using it to mix powders with my ‘milks’ (oat and almond drinks usually).  I’d never thought of using a simple shaker to do this job which creates way less mess and is shaken together in a second!

    Not that these SmartShakes are simple by any means!  They are in fact genius.  I was kindly sent two shakers by SmartShake for my opinion and I have used at least one of them EVERY DAY since receiving them last week.  I’m not sure how I managed without them!  It’s saving me a lot of blender cleaning too.

    smartshake worlds smartest shaker smoothies compartment lylia rose uk blogg

    I also received some superfood powder last week from Indigo Herbs (review soon).  So the timing couldn’t have been more perfect.  I instantly shook a teaspoon of Super Vital Powder (acai, baobab and beetroot powder) with a few glugs of oat milk and shook away.  The shakers have a handy power mixer compartment which clips into the cap so liquids and powders can be thoroughly blended.  It blended the powder just perfectly making a smooth, non-powdery shake.  Delicious!

    I got a little more adventurous and added milled flaxseed and maca powder to my next shake to see if it could handle thicker powder and also more powder.  Well it certainly could and the texture was no different to if I’d used my blender.

    smartshake the worlds smartest shaker blog review lylia rose uk

    Not only are the SmartShakes great as shakers, but they have handy compartments that screw on to the bottom.  The slim version has one compartment, but the original has two compartments including a four way removable divider so you can separate any tablets or supplements you need to take out with you.  The compartments have no end of convenient uses.  They can be filled with superfood powders or protein powders so another shake can be made later on.  If you’re heading to the gym why not pop some change in for parking or lockers and your keys?  That way you literally just need to take the SmartShake and nothing else!

    We did a car boot on Sunday and of course I took the SmartShakes!  Not only did we have plenty of liquid refreshment for the morning, but we filled the bottom sections with nuts and raisins to munch on should we get peckish!  The lids are also 100% leak proof, so can be clipped to a bag or placed inside without a worry.

    smartshake worlds smartest shaker smoothies compartment lylia rose uk blog

    There are a ton of other amazing ideas in their promotional video here of how to use the compartments.  My favourite is to mix pancake mixture, salad dressing and also to give your dog a drink of water on a day out.  See, I said these shakers were genius!  I bet there are a zillion other uses too that are just waiting to be discovered.

    To find out more information and to shop, just click here:


  5. funny things bella says - lylia rose uk lifestyle blog

    Funny Things Bella Says

    Just look at Bella!  I asked her to get dressed and she ran in ‘Muuuuum, I’m dressed, hee hee hee’!  She had her long sleeved top pulled over her legs and her trousers on her head.  She danced around the room very proud of herself!

    She is almost three years ten months, so not far off four, and of course can get dressed by herself, but only when she wants to.  Usually she runs around whinging she can’t do it (translation = she just doesn’t want to get dressed, or doesn’t want to get dressed by herself) which results in a stressed Mumma (Mumma is her new name for me) as I'm usully trying to get me and Reuben ready, and thus more whinging from Bella.  But this day I actually laughed!  She looked so funny and she thought she was being smart.  ‘Oh, Bella’… ‘but I am dressed Mumma’.  OK clever clogs.

    Three year olds are a lot of hard work, but they are also very amusing when they want to be.  She’s definitely worked out that she can play up, but also that she can entertain and be comical.  Those are some of the best moments – when we all just start laughing.

    There is still a lot of innocence at this age and Bella still comes out with the most hilarious perceptions of the world around her.  I always mean to write them down and always think I'll definitely remember what she’s said as it’s so cute/bizarre/funny.  But after a manic jam packed day I’ll be racking my brain to remember what it was so I can tell Ben, but I just can’t remember.  I must get into the habit of always writing it down!

    I have recently noted down three funny things:

    Every time the latest Go Compare advert comes on (this one here) Bella excitedly squeals ‘Mummy, Mummy it’s your friend!  Look it’s your friend!’
    I wondered what on earth she was on about at first but after a bit of questioning realised she thought the cabbie was Theo Paphitis!  I have a picture of me and Theo on my office wall and she things he’s my friend.  So cute!

    I asked Bella, for the first time, what she wants to be when she grows up.   She replied ‘I want to be a mummy AND a daddy’!

    Bella’s trying to download an app for the iPad with Daddy and it’s asking for an email address.  Ben jokingly asks Bella ‘do you have an email address?’ to which Bella seriously replies ‘no, I just have a princess dress’…!