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  1. You’ve probably heard all the noise about claiming back your mis-sold PPI, but did you realise you may also have been mis-sold your mortgage and could have a claim?

    It’s a new one to me, but after some digging it seems some people have been poorly advised and not treated fairly by their lender, adviser or broker.  In this blog post I’ll take a look at why people are making mortgage claims and whether you may have a case.

  2. No matter how much time you spend on makeup, hair, clothing, and the other aspects of your appearance at the start of each day, most people will find it hard to see their own beauty.

    Finding it far too easy to fixate on the things which you would rather have different, it can be a battle to see yourself for what you are.

    Of course, this is a shame, as it leaves a lot of people feeling bad for no good reason.  To help you out, this post will be exploring some of the methods which can be used to open your eyes to the way you look.