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  1. Advertising is everywhere.  We can’t escape it.  Even if you don’t watch the TV, listen to the radio or read newspapers, you will still be bombarded with advertising just by walking down the street!  It’s on buses, bus stops, road sides, buildings and even cars.

    On one hand it’s can be a good thing.  It lets us know about a product or service that could be of interest to us.  We might not stumble across this useful product by ourselves if it hadn’t of been for the advertisement.  But on the other hand we can be coerced into buying products we don’t really need, but think we need.  It can result in us wasting money or thinking we need to afford lifestyles that we, well, can’t afford.

    In a nutshell, advertising as we now know it is about manipulating the consumer. This is down to the fact that advertisers no longer care about the consumers but instead, they are driven by results and money.

  2. Make no mistake, weddings are an expensive business. In the UK alone, the wedding industry is worth £10 billion a year, and costs are on the up.

    Did you know that the average UK wedding costs £27,161? That’s more than the average salary! If the thought of spending so much on your wedding is making your stomach turn, then the good news is that you’re not alone. Many couples manage to achieve beautiful, memorable weddings at a fraction of the cost.  So, how can you have your dream day without the dream budget?

  3. Social media presents any blogger or business owner with an array of innovative and effective online marketing methods. One unique strategy that many companies are taking advantage of is Twitter competitions. This is a method which can reap huge rewards if implemented effectively.  It’s a method that I used to successfully grow my Twitter following when I originally had my online boutique.  I ran giveaways twice a week for a very long time and could grow my following by up to 1000 new followers for each giveaway I ran!

    Of course, this is just one of many strategies that can be used when it comes to social media. There are so many ways you can utilise Twitter to promote your business and interact with potential customers.