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  1. No one likes to think about dying, but it’s a sad fact of life that one day our time will come.  End of life planning is a really important topic that many people would rather avoid, but if you want your money, property and possessions to go to the person of your choice, then it’s a topic you need to talk about and put into writing.  In order to pass your estate on to those of your choosing, it is really important you make a will.

    In this blog post I will share the many benefits and importance of writing a will.

  2. If you’ve read my matched betting blog then you’ll know I’m a big advocate for matched betting.  Matched betting is a way of extracting a profit from the free bet offers that bookies regularly offer.  In short, you use a mathematical equation to cover all outcomes in order to extract a profit from the free bet.  But it’s not complicated as companies like Profit Accumulator have step-by-step instructions and software that does all the calculations for you.

    It’s a great way to make extra income from home in your spare time.  Whilst you may have read my own matched betting story already, I also want to reassure you that there are many success stories from other bloggers who have tried matched betting.  In this blog post I will share real life matched betting stories from other bloggers.

  3. Even though my car was slightly frozen early this morning, I still feel like spring is in the air!  The daffodils have been blooming all around for a few weeks now and I finally spent a whole weekend in the garden painting, digging and more, as we begin to landscape our garden.  Since moving in six years ago our garden has been on the backburner whilst we majorly updated our fixer upper house. The house isn’t finished, but I couldn’t stand to look at our awful patio for another year, so this is the year we are concentrating on all things garden.  Hopefully it will be ready in time for the summer.

    Just being outdoors with some sunshine on my face, even if it’s not overly warm just yet, makes me excited for the warmer weather.  I’m not one for being indoors all the time so I can’t wait to start living outside when it’s warm!