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Matched betting and coronavirus: can you still make money with this side hustle?

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With many Premier League matches postponed due to the current coronavirus pandemic, and many calling for it to be cancelled altogether, many matched bettors might be fearful for their income from matched betting at present.  Or perhaps you’ve just started your matched betting journey and the news of many sports matches being cancelled or postponed is worrying.

Can you still make money from matched betting during the current outbreak and the uncertainty surrounding it?

Can I still make money matched betting during coronavirus?

Can you still make money from matched betting during the coronavirus

Profit Accumulator sent an email to all its members yesterday morning with reassurance that there are still plenty of ways to make money matched betting, even with some cancelled sports events.  They are still updating their reloads section daily with new offers that matched bettors can use to profit.

The Premier League isn’t the only way to make money from matched betting and there are still many huge events taking place.  You can use the Profit Accumulator software to quickly find active events and discover the best bets to place on matched betting offers.

Whilst some sporting events will be cancelled or postponed, that doesn’t mean the bookies won’t want any custom.  Instead, it’s very likely they will create more casino offers.  Profit Accumulator have already seen a rise in these sorts of offers recently and they’ll be listing all the offers that you can profit from on their website.



“This isn't the time to pack up shop, it's time to prepare for the return. Use casino offers to build up your bankroll, work through any remaining signup offers (where horse racing can be used), and start getting ready to hit things HARD. The bookies are going to be desperate to keep you betting so there will be promotions to exploit.  We never stop, we just adapt.”

- Sam Stoffel, CEO and Founder, Profit Accumulator


Is it a good time to start matched betting?

In fact, if you are stuck at home in isolation, wondering what to do, then it could be the perfect time to do even more matched betting or to give it a go as a side hustle for the first time.  It’s an amazing side hustle that I did very part time for two years and made almost £6000.  In the matched betting forums there are threads to learn how to make £1000 per month, with matched bettors sharing their profits and techniques.  It’s a brilliant way to make extra cash on the side at home.

make money online matched betting profit accumulator

If you’ve not tried it yet, then Profit Accumulator have a free trial where you can try a few offers without committing to a paid membership and without needing to enter any credit card details.  It’s a great way to get a feel for matched betting and see if it’s something you wish to pursue.

The membership can be cancelled at any point and restarted again, providing you're on the monthly membership, so that's great news if things do get even worse with regards to cancelled sporting events and you need a break from matched betting.  But according to Sam there will still be plenty of other ways to make money from the casino offers.

It’s great to see there are still plenty of ways to extract money from the bookies and Profit Accumulator show no signs of slowing down!

Profit Accumulator have even created this infographic to share exactly how matched betting will continue during the current outbreak:

Coronavirus and matched betting 


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