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    lylia rose fave favourite mug higher living herbal tea blog postMy Favourite Mug!

    Higher Living Herbal Tea | The Fab Four | Review
    This great selection box of fruity herbal teas was sent to me in my prize bundle from I recently won a healthy food hamper from this great website.  This Higher Living Herbal Tea box is particularly great as it contains four different teas instead of just one flavour.  It's great for people like me who need introducing to herbal teas!  Here are my thoughts on each...
    Vitality:  The all spice and cinnamon were the strongest tastes in this warming cup of herbal tea.  It would be a really nice flavour to sip whilst cosy and warm on a winter's evening. It's a reminder of winter days and Christmas in a cup!
    Very Berry: This was my absolute favourite.  I was really impressed by the sweet fruity flavours. It's definitely suited to those with a sweet tooth as it really is like liquid sweeties! Scrumptious! This tea made me wonder why I've rarely tried fruit herbal teas before as this is so super delicious.
    Ginger Kick: This is the least flavoursome of the lot. Maybe it needs longer than four minutes for more flavour to come through but I found it far too subtle. I was really hoping for much more of a ginger kick as I do love ginger.
    Evening: The most calming drink of all four, so definitely perfect for an evening brew.  This had the most herbally taste; exactly how I'd imagine a herbal tea to taste, but I still liked it!  The fennel and lavender stood out to me the most and the entire combination of flavours was very natural.
    Do you drink herbal teas? Send your recommendations my way! #newbie
    Victoria :)
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    New Nakd Nibbles | Review

    I'm already a pretty good advocate for the existing Nakd range of healthy snacks, and now I'm going to be even more of one for their new items. Yes, new items, so exciting!!  
    I popped to their website to buy myself a treat and was instantly faced by their amazing looking new snacks 'Nibbles'.  Without hesitation I popped them into my shopping cart and checked out before allowing myself to get carried away. These are a total bargain too.  A mixed box containing one of each sweet shop flavour is just £6.50. This price includes speedy UK delivery too.  Every order I place at comes amazingly quickly.  Fab!
    Each packet, rather fantastically, provides a portion of fruit thanks to their all natural ingredients; mainly dates, cashews and raisins.  They are vegetarian, dairy free, wheat and gluten free, plus free from added sugar.  Most importantly, they taste awesome!
    My favourite flavour was Toffee Treat. Oh my. It's just like eating a packet of mini chocolatey toffee flavour fudge pieces.  You'd have no idea they are actually good for you.  The nibbles are quite like eating a packet of sweets.  These can satisfy your sweetie cravings whilst the
    good ol' Nakd bars can take care of chocolate bar cravings.  Perfick!
    I mixed Coconut Bliss (my second fave) in with some natural yoghurt for a really great tasting dessert.  Kind of like those corner yoghurts where you get to mix goodies into the yoghurt, but much better for you!
    The Strawberries and Cream were the first packet I tried and my third favourite.  My daughter, Bella, actually pinched this pack off me so I was only able to taste a few. They were mighty good though.  I'll be sure to hide this flavour next time so I can properly indulge!
    The other fabby flavours are Mint Humbug, Salted Caramel, Tooty Fruity and Fruit Salad.  All very yummy too, but I think my top three above are without doubt the most scrumptious of the lot.
    Have you had the pleasure of sampling these new Nakd Nibbles yet?
    Victoria :)
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    emslie grey ahoy home hanging heart decor gift website lylia rose blog

    Ahoy! | My Emslie Grey Prize

    Thank you very much to Emslie Grey for sending me this decorative 'Ahoy!' hanging heart.  I luckily won this last week by entering one of their Twitter competitions.  It's very well made and already has a proud spot in a corner of my bathroom!  It's actually the first and only thing hanging on the walls in our bathroom as I really liked the nautical design and elongated shape to the heart.

    I've been browsing their store since it arrived and wanted to share it with you.  Emslie Grey ( is an online shop full of beautifully designed gifts and home wares.  They have a stylish nautical range which is just perfect for the upcoming summer season.  My favourite pieces are the Beach Hut Cushion and Seafood Lampshade.  I also really love the Daisy Cushion from their cushion section with its fun and modern flower print.

    Which Emslie Grey item is your favourite?

    Victoria :)