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  1. Financial things to consider when selling a house

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    For many people, moving house is something that you don’t do very often, and it can be daunting for many reasons. It’s a big change in life, and there are a lot of things that can go wrong if you’re not careful and this can be costly.  There are many financial things to consider when selling a house.  Check out these tips to maximise your finances when selling a property.

  2. Electricity prices – an important factor when you run a business

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    When it comes to running a business, there are many factors to take into account. One of the most important is electricity prices – and how this will affect your bottom line.  In this article, we will explore the impact of electricity prices on business owners and consumers, as well as what steps you can take to minimise the impact.

  3. Can you really make decent money from online surveys?

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    There are several ways to earn money online. However, most of them require that you have a specific skill set or level of education before you can get hired. Some of these are jobs or professions in graphic design, writing, virtual assistance, and more. Now, there may be other means to make money online, but it’s difficult to know which ones are legitimate and which ones aren’t.

    Perhaps you’ve heard someone say it or read it from somewhere that online surveys can help you make money online. It’s natural to doubt it, especially if it sounds too good to be true—being able to earn money in your pyjamas, at home, just answering online surveys. The truth is, you can. 

  4. How to make a passive income with a blog

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    I’ve been pretty fortunate to have my passion for writing blogs about making money online, money-saving tips, family finance and WFH advice result in a full-time income.  One of my favourite ways to make money from my blog and one I hope to increase is via passive income.  Passive income is a source of income that continues even after the original work is completed and requires little activity, or none, to keep it coming.  However, passive income didn’t just fall into my lap; I had to invest my time and effort into building my brand and being ready to monetize successfully.

    If you’ve worked to shape your brand, grow your traffic, and produce a quality website, then monetizing is the next logical step. No one method is a get-rich-quick scheme, and some do require a little effort, but all can put money in your pocket!

    Here are several ways you can earn passive income from your blog.

  5. How much does a smile makeover cost?

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    For some people, if their teeth aren’t perfect then it can really affect their confidence.  I used to be like this and would never smile with my teeth and was often too embarrassed to even talk to people as I didn’t want them to see my teeth.

    Now I don’t have to worry.  I spent over two years with train track braces and perfected my smile with cosmetic dentistry once the braces were off.  In total I spent over

  6. 5 money hacks that grow your savings

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    Building a nest egg for your children? Preparing for retirement? To reach your end goal, you must take the first step towards saving. It is easier said than done, yes, but you must know that the secret to saving is simply starting and starting now.

    Saving money can be challenging but pushing through and being consistent is key. Here are five money hacks that will put you on the right path to growing your savings.

  7. 5 genius energy saving bedroom hacks that will help you save money

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    We’re always looking for ways to save money, and one of the easiest ways to keep hold of your pennies is by becoming mindful of your at-home energy use. Particularly during those cold winter months, you’ll probably find that your electricity bill goes up significantly- but you don’t have to be a victim of drastically increased bills.

  8. How to lower the cost of your home insurance

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    While home insurance can save you a lot of money if your home is destroyed or burglarised, it could be costing you a lot more than it should in premiums. Many people do not think about the cost of their home insurance, but if saving money is at the top of your mind, you should be thinking about how to lower it.  It’s one expense that you might just be able to slash. Here are lots of ways to save on your home insurance.

  9. 8 money saving tips when selling your home

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    Often, most people only think of the money they'll receive once they sell their house. But that is just not it. Some expenses come about due to the sale.  For instance, take the cost of hiring house moving services, real estate agents, legal fees, buying a new home, and so on.  Here are eight tips that will be of help to sell your home and not end up cashless.

  10. Is it a good time to move house?

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    There’s no doubt about it - the coronavirus has turned our lives upside down and some things may never return back to normal.

    For many, the lockdown has been a time of reflection, making us realise how precious our lives really are and to follow our dreams.  For some, this dream might be to uproot and move to a new location.

    The pandemic might also have changed your working life and what you value in a home.  Perhaps you now want a home with enough space for an office so you can work at home. Or a garden in case we are cooped up inside for local lockdowns or self-isolation without the ability to leave our homes.  In which case an outdoor space can be a haven!

    But, is it really a good time to move house?  Let’s take a look.