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Make money blogging with Press Loft

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Today I am going to introduce you to Press Loft as a potential way to monetise your blog content.  You may already know about this platform as it has been around for years connecting bloggers and journalists with brands and their images for features.  More recently they added their ‘collaboration’ feature which allows bloggers to connect with brands for various blog and social opportunities.  Read on to discover more about the Press Loft platform for bloggers.

Getting high-res brand images from Press Loft for features

I used Press Loft a few times a few years ago when I discovered them.  At this point they didn’t offer collaborations, but only their image service which is still amazing for both bloggers and journalists.  They have so many well-known brands on their platform with their most recent and upcoming stock images (high-res) for you to download.  If you are featuring items in wish lists, gift guides, home décor posts and so on, then you may wish to use a stock image from the brand.  By requesting use from Press Loft, you have the permission to use the image – simply remember to credit the brand.  They ask which publication it will be shared in (i.e. your blog) and when you expect to use it.   You can then download the images you require.  I sometimes had the brands email me directly a few weeks after to ask if it had been featured so they could see it.  This could get a little more exposure to your blog if they share it.

Collaborating with brands via Press Loft

I haven’t yet collaborated with brands via Press Loft, but I have received emails about collaborations and I’ve seen several on the platform.  Most of the collaborations are gifted whereby you will receive a product in exchange for your services, but I have seen the odd paid collaboration.  The opportunities you see are tailored to your blog, its audience and topics so you may not see all the opportunities they have to offer, but only those they believe are a good fit.

It’s not all about blogging either.  You can link your social channels and some opportunities are for certain social channels only.

I only haven't applied for any as they are mostly product only in exchange for content, whereas I charge for all my services.  If you are happy to receive products for content then you'll find a lot more than me to apply for :)

Make sure you don’t miss any messages from brands

I did once apply for an opportunity and never heard anything.  Turned out the brand had replied to me, but I’d not had an email from Press Loft to notify me I had a message.  All messages are via Press Loft’s messaging system.  Unfortunately it meant I never saw the message until ages later when I signed into Press Loft for something else.  I’m not sure if the email didn’t make it to me or that they simply don’t send email notifications about messages on the platform.  Make sure you log in and check for messages if you have applied for a campaign.

How to get blog opportunities from Press Loft

  1. Sign up at
  2. Create your profile – theirs is quick and easy and not laborious at all
  3. Start receiving alerts via email which are tailored to your profile (make sure you select to receive email notifications for collaborations by ticking the relevant box in your profile/account information)
  4. Review the details of the collaboration to see if it’s a good fit and apply if so
  5. Wait to hear back from the brand via the internal messaging system at Press Loft (make sure you check your account as I’ve not received an email when a brand has replied to me)
  6. Arrange the details with the brand if they are interested and collaborate!

Happy collaborating!

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