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Make money blogging with Bloggers Required

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September 2023 update: The Bloggers Required website doesn't seem to be working any longer.  I'll check again soon in case it's that the site is currently down or being redone.

Instead, check out this huge list of paid blogging opportunity websites!



Today I want to introduce you to what, I believe, is the first platform I started using to get blog opportunities and brand collaborations from!  This is before I even monetised my blog and was doing product reviews in exchange for my blog and social content back when my blog was a hobby.  I remember I was firstly approached directly by brands when my blog started getting noticed a fair few years ago and I had no idea that blog networks to connect brands and bloggers existed!  The first one I remember ever discovering was Bloggers Required who post numerous blogging opportunities on their platform and I started to get a lot of work from them instantly.

What sort of opportunities are at Bloggers Required?

I’d say the majority of the opportunities are product reviews with no payment, but they do also have regular paid assignments.  I’ve continuously received brand collaborations since I discovered Bloggers Required.  They list several blogging assignments each week, so there are regularly suitable opportunities for all sorts of bloggers.  I’m usually applying for at least one of the opportunities each week and sometimes several.

Sometimes they have Instagram only opportunities too.  The listing will state exactly what sort of opportunity it is.  You can also filter by the sort you want to see, so you could choose to filter by affiliate schemes only, product only, or payment.

How do I find out about Bloggers Required opportunities?

To find out about the opportunities you can visit their website or sign up for the newsletter.  I’d highly recommend signing up to the newsletter as they sometimes send out ‘newsletter only’ assignments that aren’t posted on the website at all.  Plus if you get the newsletter each week then you can be certain you won’t miss any relevant opportunities, especially as they all have deadlines.

Top tip – be timely with your applications on Bloggers Required

They do have a large community of bloggers signed up so you are competing with a lot of bloggers for the work.  My top tip would be to get your application in as soon as possible!  Sometimes I’ve had responses to say sorry, but they’ve filled all spaces even though they would have been interested in my blog.  Whilst some brands wait for all responses and then choose the relevant bloggers, other brands choose bloggers as the responses come in and until the spaces are filled.  So be timely with your responses!

How do I apply for an opportunity on Bloggers Required?

You apply on the platform for the blogging work by filling out details such as your name, email, blog URL, an application letter and your stats.  This is sent directly to the brand who will contact you if you are a success.  Don’t expect to receive a reply if your application is not successful as sometimes brands only reply if you are successful. If you are successful then they’ll get in touch with you directly to your email where you can arrange the collaboration directly with the brand via email and not on the Bloggers Required platform.  You only use the platform to find the opportunities and apply (and to take part in their community if you sign up with an account).

How do I sign up as a blogger on Bloggers Required?

Sign up as a blogger at Bloggers Required.

I’ve used Bloggers Required for a few years and can highly recommend it as a way of making more money from home by blogging.  I’ve had regular opportunities from this platform, so many that I’ve lost count!


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