The things no one tells you about working from home

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 The things no one tells you about working from home

If you are keen to shun the full time employment way of making money, and you want to break out on your own, why not consider working from home?  Your overheads remain low and you can put your skills to good use following a business dream or passion.

Working from home is becoming a more common way to make money, whether you are a prolific blogger, a crafter or a financial adviser. Setting yourself up in a home office can be perfect to help you hit the ground running with your new money making venture.

However idyllic it sounds, there are some aspects to working from home that take some getting used to. Read on to discover the things no one tells you about working from home.

The things no one tells you about working from home


It’s all too easy to fall into the procrastination trap when working from home unless you follow some simple rules. Firstly, forget about the concept of pyjama days.

Yes, they sound wonderful, having lie-ins, getting up when you want and settling in front of the sofa with your laptop open and your favourite coffee in your hand while still in your jim jams.

There’s no way that you will be as productive doing this.

The TV will be on and you will soon be scrolling mindlessly through your Facebook feed. And just one more episode of the latest box set that you are watching before you start working again after lunch.

Don’t do it.

Get up at a sensible time, get dressed, and never settle in front of the TV. Instead, get yourself a home office and separate your home and work life.


Just because you are working from home doesn’t mean that you can’t employ the same marketing tactics as big companies do in order to get noticed.

If you want to promote your blog and appear higher up the Google search results, consider heading to and investigate the SEO strategies that they employ that could get you more hits to your website.  Follow SEO companies online, read their blog posts and learn as much as you can!

Working from home can see you working long hours sitting at your laptop. Use some of this laptop time to update your social media feeds and respond to queries from customers. Doing this will enable you to develop a positive reputation online as someone who cares about their followers and brand. 

But, most importantly, you need to get your business out there!   Unless you have the funds to pay a company to do this for you, then you will need to take charge of your own promotion!  Running a business means you will be the admin, owner, accounts, marketers, advertisers and more, unless you pay people to do these jobs for you.  Promoting your business is so important and you need to find a way of doing this from home that works for you.

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You may be used to the camaraderie of the office when you were working full time. You could share a giggle, have a chat, and enjoy a catch up over lunch.

Now you are working alone.

This can take some getting used to. However, to avoid isolation, it’s vital that you can get outdoors and take a break every now and then. The natural light will lift your mood and help you to recharge your batteries in between work sessions.

Consider joining a local networking group for entrepreneurs to help you make connections. This can lead to social events and can help you to develop a likeminded support network to share problems and advice.  If this is too outside your comfort zone then find online networking groups in your field.


Working from home can be a lot of fun, but it can also be hard work.  Whilst many spread the benefits, there are some drawbacks you need to be prepared for in order to make it a success.


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