Where to find insurance for bloggers, influencers and freelancers

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Where to find insurance for bloggers, influencers and freelancers

Go back a few years and I really struggled to get business insurance as a blogger.  Having previously ran a small ecommerce business that had small business insurance, it made sense that I’d need it as a blogger also when I went full-time blogging.

However, it wasn’t easy to find and I gave up searching, until now.

When trying to find insurance as a blogger before now I was pretty much laughed at.  Trying to explain to insurance companies what I did as a blogger was like talking in a foreign language to them. 

I was pretty much told I didn’t need insurance and ‘blogger’ was nowhere to be seen on dropdown menus of professions.

Fast forward to 2021 and there are loads of insurers who recognise blogging as a profession (finally) and even list it in their dropdown menus - amazing!

Get Dinghy - insurance for freelancers, influencers and bloggers

The best thing about blogging being recognised as a profession is there are now insurances that specifically cater to the needs of a blogger.  They understand how we make money and what we do, so the insurance is tailored to cover exactly what we need.

I have decided to purchase my insurance with Get Dinghy who understand exactly how to insure a blogging business.

You can check out what I am covered for and easily get your own quote by using my referral link: https://getdinghy.com/deck/refer/vs-6044

It was really easy to get a quote from Get Dinghy and they clearly outlined everything I would and wouldn’t be covered for on the quote page.

It’s here that you’ll be able to see what you might need bloggers insurance for if you have no idea.

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Why would bloggers, influencers or freelancers need professional indemnity insurance?

Here are some examples from Get Dinghy of why you might need professional indemnity insurance as a blogger, freelancer or influencer:

  • “Negligence: in a nutshell, when you make a mistake or don’t use a reasonable duty of care.
  • Bad advice: when you told your client it was the right thing, but it turned out to be a disaster.
  • Defamation, libel & slander: unknowingly damaging the reputation of any person or organisation, including mental anguish or emotional distress.
  • Copyright breach: when someone alleges that your work is too similar to theirs.
  • Claims expenses: legal costs to defend you and other costs in setting the matter right.
  • Breach of confidentiality: such as accidentally emailing customer confidential data to the wrong person.”

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Where to find insurance for bloggers, influencers and freelancers

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