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  1. Ben and I tied the knot in August this year (2015) and I've meant to devote a whole blog post to the event for a while now.  I'll share a snippet so you get a feel of the day and perhaps some inspiration from some of the ideas we had for our Wedfest.   We did a DIY backyard wedding in our garden.  It was low cost, so budget-friendly, and perfect for those who don't like the idea of a traditional wedding day.  Read on as I share how we planned our outdoor wedfest for lots of DIY backyard wedding ideas on a budget!

  2. One thing that I always find quite un-eco-friendly is the giving and receiving of cards.  There’s definitely something special about receiving a handwritten greetings card in the post with an actual letter and some thought in it, but many of us send a simple happy birthday or merry Christmas card without a note at all.  We simply write Dear so and so, love me.

    I’m not one to keep these things either, so it goes on the side for a short while and then in the recycling.  That’s it.  It seems so wasteful.

    Luckily, if you like sending cards there is a way to be more eco-friendly.  Simply make sure you buy cards made from recycled materials only or why not buy seeded cards that have wildflowers and plants embedded into compostable paper that can grow into something after use?

    It’s such a great idea and one that I have stumbled upon recently when browsing Etsy for a more eco-friendly Christmas card alternative.

  3. BubaBloon, a new company I found on Twitter, kindly offered to send me their 'fabric balloon cover for babies and children' to review.  The BubaBloon looked like something both Bella (toddler) and Reuben (baby) would enjoy, so I gladly accepted.

    Hopefully it would also make playing with balloons much safer for my young children - the non bursting balloon was only a thing of dreams until now!

    Read on for my BubaBloon review.