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  1. Focus Supplements Lean Green Superfood Mix Review and Smoothie Recipe Lylia Rose UK Blogger Food Healthy

    Focus Supplements Lean Green Superfood Mix Review and Smoothie Recipe Lylia Rose UK Blogger Food Healthy

    Focus Supplements Lean Green Superfood Mix Review

    I’ve just made myself the best green superfood smoothie I’ve ever tasted!  I’ve really got into eating juicy ripe pears daily recently and buy some of the ‘posher’ ones from the supermarket as they taste so good.  They make this superfood green smoothie taste amazing.  Using pear means you can stick with the green vibe, but the delicious sweet pear taste will distract your taste buds from the otherwise grassy flavours of many green superfood powders – making this drink perfect for green smoothie beginners.

    Focus Supplements Lean Green Superfood Mix Review and Smoothie Recipe Lylia Rose UK Blogger Food Healthy

    Green Smoothie Blender Recipe

    • 1/3 Cucumber
    • 1.5 Pears (me and Reuben polished off the other half!)
    • 1 tablespoon Focus Supplements Lean Green Superfood Mix
    • 200ml Water

    I was inspired to make this delicious green drink thanks to Focus Supplements.  I was able to choose an item of choice for review and the Lean Green Superfood Mix instantly stood out to me.  It’s packed full of not one, but TEN amazing nutritious ingredients.  It’s the ideal powder to pack a whole range of quality superfoods and their benefits easily into a drink. 

    My husband Ben regularly makes green juices so I’m going to make him one of these smoothies and see what he thinks.  I’m pretty sure it will win hands down!  Even if not, I’ll get him to blend a spoonful into his juices to really boost their nutritional value.

    The best thing about a superfood mix is the convenience.  I’m often adding a whole range of powders into my smoothie potions and it can be quite time consuming opening all my Kilner jars to grab a scoop of each!  Having a whole range of them in one handy pouch makes things a lot easier (and quicker so you can enjoy the deliciousness without a wait!)

    Focus Supplements Lean Green Superfood Mix Review and Smoothie Recipe Lylia Rose UK Blogger Food Healthy

    What’s in the Lean Green Superfood Mix?  Here goes… Avocado, Broccoli, Barley Grass, Blackcurrant, Carrot, Kale, Oat Fibre, Spinach, Spirulina and Water Cress… phew!  Doesn’t it sound delicious and all the cells in your body start yelling ‘give me some’ when you read that list?!

    To round up, here are some of the best benefits of these ingredients:

    • Detoxifying
    • Promotes a healthy heart
    • Contains healthy fats
    • Rich in vitamins and minerals
    • High in antioxidants
    • Boosts the immune system
    • Anti-ageing
    • Great for healthy, beautiful skin
    • Improves digestion
    • Anti-inflammatory
    • Lowers blood pressure

    Pop along to where you can buy this super powder and lots more.  They also have an excellent blog which is worth a read.

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  2. weve booked a summer family holiday yay on the lylia rose uk lifestyle blo

    Oh yes!  We did it!  Thanks to my new job we can afford our very first summer holiday.  I am so pleased.  It’s exactly what we all need.  It’s been a very crappy start to the year (as I explain here) and a holiday is long overdue.  I’m so excited it will be our very first family holiday, the four of us!

    As much as I’d love to go abroad for more guaranteed sunshine, stunning coastlines and turquoise seas, the finances were not entirely on our side for my dream destinations and I talked myself out of taking two such young children abroad!  I’m sure it may be perfectly fine, but I could only convince myself of the disaster it may be!

    A more comfortable and familiar holiday it will be, exploring the wonderful Cornish county.  Yep, we’re off to Cornwall!

    I somehow managed to find an available 3 bed self-catering cottage for 7 nights which was a third of the price of a Centre Parks holiday!  We did take a peek at Centre Parks and even Haven, but they were way out of our budget.  We’ve found a lovely holiday village in the north of Cornwall with soft play, parks, an indoor swimming pool, outdoor swimming pool, shop, restaurant and even summer holiday entertainment.  There are even three pubs less than one mile away who serve food. 

    The property has three bedrooms, a bathroom, extra toilet and open plan kitchen/living/dining area.  There’s outdoor seating where me and Ben can relax once the children are in bed and if raining a TV with Sky.  It sounds absolutely ideal for our first family holiday, as well as very convenient with a four year old and one year old.  We hope to explore Cornwall in some beautiful sunshine (fingers crossed), but even if the weather is not on our side and also before/after outings there will be plenty for us to do in the holiday village with the children.

    I had sort of been dreaming of glamping in a Moroccan themed yurt.  It seems a very romantic idea, but I think better for me and Ben on our own.  I found a really beautiful one.  The only downsides being it had a composting toilet few hundred yards away and no electricity.  With two very young children and potentially a week of rain I think we would have had a miserable time!  I’m still intrigued by the idea, but think it will be a better option for me and Ben to go by ourselves or an idea for when the children are older and more independent.

    Our plans so far for our Cornish adventure include visiting family friends in Port Holland, a day trip to Perranporth (a bench in memory of Ben’s grandparents overlooks the beach), possibly a day out to the Eden Project, maybe a trip to a zoo or a nearby donkey sanctuary and exploring lots of beaches.  As well as plenty of relaxing, good food, treat food and cosy nights me and Ben without my head permanently attached to a laptop or mobile telephone!  Bliss!


  3.  where to holiday in the mediterranean lylia rose uk lifestyle blog

    Where to Holiday in the Mediterranean

    The ancient history of the Mediterranean is so rich in cultural diversity and folklore that it continues to attract countless tourists worldwide- as it did for over 5000 years since it became the principal centre of maritime activity and the repository of the richest collection of archaeological, artistic, and natural treasures in the world. The list of places to visit is so extensive that it would take books to discover the entire history and strategic historical importance of places like Greece (and surrounding islands), Italy, Spain, France and many others.

    The southern Italian island of Sicily is without a doubt on top of the list; as the most ancient and largest island in the Mediterranean it has been a hotbed of cross-cultural activity since Greco-Roman times and up until the later Renaissance period, reason why it has been termed ‘the Jewel of the Mediterranean’ and also the ‘Gateway to the Mediterranean’ throughout the millennia by the various civilizations that settled there or occupied the island. We can count the Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Spanish, Normans and North Africans among the many influences that shaped its cultural and historical legacy and which is reflected in the way of life of Sicilians and the local traditions around the island.

    Regarding the accommodation, you could stay in one of the many villas in Sicily that can be rented directly from local owners like Villa Rosa dei Venti (6 sleeps, 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, private pool and large garden perched above Castellammare del Golfo near Scopello, at a price of E150 X night) . You will be able to experience all the ancient folkore and heritage of this unique melting pot that still lives on in the festivals and traditions held in the local towns and in the Aeolian and Egadi archipelagos.

    where to holiday in the mediterranean lylia rose uk lifestyle blogger trave

    The pristine and crystal blue waters of the Ionian and Tyrrhenian coasts provide the best experience for beach lovers and Sicily has the best beaches in Europe. San Vito lo Capo in the North West, the Isola Bella by Taormina in the North East, the Agrigento coast in the West, the Greek heritage of Syracuse in the South East and its many UNESCO World Heritage Sites (which also include the exotic protected natural parks of Mt. Etna, Vendicari, Nebrodi and the Madonie, the Zingaro nature reserve, as well as the Greco-Roman monuments and Temples of the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento, Segesta and Taormina and the Byzantine Norman/Gothic and Arabic Cathedrals that dot the island) are only some of the numerous reasons why Sicily is the centre of the Mediterranean par excellence and in every aspect.

    The lovely beach-lines of Majorca in Spain has lured countless artists and writers like Chopin, Agatha Christie, and Joan Mirò due to its fascinating Mediterranean panorama and year-round temperate climate, not forgetting its uncontaminated natural habitats which include the Serra de Tramuntana, the beaches of Muro, Alcudia and Pollenca, the Natural Park of Mondrago, the Caves of Drach and Arta, and many more. Ideal for nature lovers and water-based activities like scuba diving and boating, it is also filled with many contemporary art and archaeological museums (Le Seu Cathedral, Castell de Bellver, Can Prunera Museum of Modernism, Museu Arqueologic de Son Fornes).

    As for Greece there is no need to mention its ancient heritage dating back to the time of Troy. Navagio Beach in Zakynthos is renowned as one of the most popular beaches in the world- comparable perhaps only to the splendour of the beaches in Sicily. You can relax in the warm waters of the coast and admire its picturesque setting of colourful reefs, cliffs, secluded bays and cobalt blue waters. The Melissani Cave in Kefalonia is another natural wonder that is absolutely breath-taking, with its natural sedimentary formations that give it its unique magical character, and its surrounding forest above, it is one of the most incredible sights for boating excursions and a diving experience that is truly mythological and mystical in every way.

    You can also make your way to Croatia, renowned for some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean. The town of Dubrovnik is a UNESCO World Heritage Site also admired for its rich cultural and historical legacy dating to the Middle Ages and carried into popularity during the 13th and 14th Century. Despite the extensive damages resulting from the Serbo-Bosnian War, it also ranks as one of the top ten best preserved medieval walled cities in the globe. Visit the Franciscan Monastery and its Old Pharmacy Museum erected in the 14th Century- one of the oldest pharmacies in Europe- where you can learn about the ancient herbal and medicinal recipes, or go kayaking around this small island to take a coastal tour of the old town and its majestic walls.