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» Listings for March 2017

  1. Chemicals are all around us and unfortunately we cannot escape them in modern life.  However, we can learn how to take care of our skin naturally as well as ethically, by using a skincare and perfume brand that is not tested on animals.  If you're looking for a new organic beauty brand with plenty of natural kind to skin ingredients, then read on.  I'll review two natural beauty products from organic skincare brand Skin Elixir in this beauty blog post.

  2. Life can be tough at times, but having a home you love can give you respite from the world. When your home is your happy place, it allows you to recuperate from anything that life throws, and means you can get out there and tackle whatever you need to head on. When it comes to updating your home, it’s easy to suggest changing and upgrading everything. But let’s be real, few of us have the funds to install a brand new kitchen, bathroom, garden or anything else at the drop of a hat. However, there are plenty of ways you can improve your space without breaking the bank that really will make a huge difference. Here’s how you can make your house feel more homely and inviting, and as a result make you happier too.

  3. There are so many ways to live your life in a sustainable way, but few of us are doing it. Using renewable sources, cutting down on energy consumption and taking an extended walk instead of using the car are all things which are simple in theory, but not so easy to implement into a busy life. So what are three easy ways to be good to yourself and the environment? 

    There are certain changes that you can make which won’t cause as much of an impact

  4. Have you noticed an increase in defibrillators recently whilst out and about?  I’ve only noticed these popping up in places in recent years and didn’t know anything about them before this.  Bella’s school even fundraised for one and it’s now at the school entrance ready for anyone to use in an emergency.  Read on to discover how you can save a person's life by using a defibrillator and how to use.