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  1. In many older style homes the bathrooms are often very outdated.  When we moved home we must have looked at no less than 20 properties in person, as well as hundreds online, and almost every single one needed a bathroom upgrade.  They were just so dated. 

    Of course this was probably because Ben ignored my dream of a new build and insisted we had to buy an old property that needed care.  Needless to say when we moved into our 1960s home the bathroom was the first room we began to rip out and replace! 

    We kept money back for home improvements but it didn’t go far and we also took out a home improvements loan which will take us a total of ten years to pay back. 

    Obviously not everyone has money to totally redo a bathroom suite, décor and fixtures and nor do they want to take on more debt, so in this blog post I will explore the ways you can make some improvements to your bathroom to make it more stylish without having to spend thousands.