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  1. Increasing numbers of people are starting to set up their own business. People tend to go about this in different ways. Some will start setting their business up around their employed position, only giving up their current job once things are up and running.  Others will want to progress much more quickly and will quit their employed position outright, dedicating all of their time and effort into getting things off the ground.

    However, individuals taking both courses of action tend to have one thing in common: they start out from home.

    Now, running your small business from home can be great to begin with...

  2. It’s that time of year when we all start thinking of winter activities.  I’ve already done nearly all my Christmas shopping and it’s wrapped and waiting in our attic!  I love to be prepared and get the winter Christmas expenses out of the way as early as possible so we can enjoy a stress-free December without money worries.  Winter is always a more expensive time of year with Christmas and higher energy bills.  We always try to save money on energy in winter where possible, but bills are still more than double the summer months!  So it's always a relief if I get Christmas shopping completed as early as possible.  We can then relax in December and take part in some activities and festive meals out knowing everything else is already paid for.

    I’ve been looking into Santa trips for the kids and want to try and book a local boat trip with Santa.  Every year I try and take them to see Santa in a different place!  Last year was on a steam train, the year before in Prezzo (he came and sat with us at our table!) and the year before was in a gypsy caravan at a local bird park!  Talk about variety!