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  1. Starting a home-based business is becoming an increasingly popular choice. This is partially to do with the pandemic, and partially to do with the fact that it has so many benefits. However, it can be a little overwhelming to start a home business. There are so many different things that you need to do and things that you need to consider. To make the process easier, we've put together a list of 5 things that you should do when you start your home business.

  2. The UK is a great place to visit. It has so much to offer in terms of culture, history and stunning scenery. But it is also a very expensive country in comparison to many other European countries. Luckily, there are still plenty of cheap places to visit in the UK for couples and plenty of affordable things to do, especially if you’re savvy with where you stay and the type of activities you choose. Read on for some great ideas for couples on a budget.

  3. If your business has been operating the same way for a long time, it could be time for a refresh. Sometimes a refresh is needed to get your business back on its feet and inject some life back into it. 

    You may have noticed a decline in sales, or your customers are no longer engaging in your business. Whatever the reason may be, focusing on giving your business a little revamp can be a useful step and can get your business thriving again. Here are our top tips on how you can refresh your business.

  4. While retirement is meant to be the time to relax, the reality for many is that it can be one of the most financially stressful periods in your life. With a third of UK retirees only having £10,000 or less in their retirement savings, many are looking for a means to supplement their income to get through their last days with comfort.

    Fortunately, 74% of UK retirees own properties, and if this is you, you have some serious options.

  5. There are so many aspects to SEO, including a bunch of acronyms, that it can seem overwhelming at first to understand what to do when you don’t even understand all the shorthand terminology.  With terms like DA, EAT and YMYL floating around, you might be wondering what they all mean!  If you have a website or blog and are a beginner to SEO, there’s no denying it’s a complex and ever-changing field, but with these acronyms you’ll be able to better grasp the basics.