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Category: Beauty

  1. Why I Use Kids Bath Products

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    why i use kids bath products - lylia rose lifestyle blog - shower products

    Why I Use Kids Bath Products

    For around one year now I've tried to use the most natural body products I can.  I currently use natural handmade exfoliating cleanser and refining cleanser from Isa Marie, four thieves antibacterial handmade soap from Oakwood Soaperie and I've just started using organic extra virgin coconut oil as an in-shower body moisturiser as well as for various other beauty uses (read my top 5 here).  
    I do, however, love to use shower gel in the shower.  It's much more convenient and easy to use with a loofah.  As of yet I haven't found a great 'natural' ladies version.  Please suggest something if you know of any! I did try the Naked range, but unfortunately the scents just weren't for me.
    There seems to be a lot of natural, reduced chemical bath products for babies and toddlers in most shops, but not for adults.  Someone once said to me, 'why is it we feed babies and children the best foods we can (organic, baby-grade, healthy, etc) and then don't continue with this as we get older?  If a baby shouldn't have it then surely we shouldn't have it?'.  I think the same can be true for beauty and bath products.  If we don't want these nasty chemicals on our children's skin, why do we want them on ours?  Well I certainly don't, especially as many of these nasty chemicals end up in our bodies too!
    childs farm earth friendly baby natural childrens bath products review 
    So one day I had a brain wave and realised I could use Bella's bath products (and now Reuben's too) and they are actually quite fab!  At the moment we have Child's Farm hair and body wash which is suitable for newborns and upwards with an amazing fruity orange scent.  We also have Earth Friendly Baby's soothing lavender and camomile hair and body wash.
    The Child's Farm is my favourite as it froths up nicely with a little going a long way.  Or a lot if you're like me who forgets it's super runny and ends up using far too much!  It also smells super fruity, uplifting and energising.  I use this as my shampoo too and my hair smells luscious as well as being amazingly glossy.  
    The Earth Friendly Baby has a much more relaxing scent so is perfect for showers before bed (and baths for the children), when you need to wind down and chill out!
    It's great knowing the ingredients are mainly natural, so I'm doing less harm to my body by using these over more mainstream shower gels.  Hopefully I'll discover more natural based 'gels' to share with you soon.  Please do let me know if you have any recommendations!