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  1. Chip app review 2020

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    Having been a customer of Chip for just over two months I will share my review of the Chip app in this blog post.

    What is the Chip app?

    The Chip app is a clever way to save without noticing.  It links to your bank and automatically puts money aside for you.  You can set the save level in the app, but on the lowest mine puts random amounts from £4 to £5 into the Chip app every four days.

    These amounts are based on artificial intelligence and should be amounts you won’t even notice!

  2. Nutribuddy review: vegan + gluten-free superfood shakes for when life gets busy

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    When you first hear of Nutribuddy shakes you might automatically think they are just weight loss shakes, like I admit I did, but they are actually so much more!  I actually avoid any sort of weight loss shakes as they are usually stuffed full of questionable ingredients and it’s a much better idea to lead a healthy lifestyle, follow a plant based diet and exercise regularly doing cardio sessions each week and strength training.  Fad diets aren’t for me!

    Something made me look at Nutribuddy though when I had an opportunity to try them and I’m so pleased I did.  They are actually superfood shakes suitable for vegans and gluten-free!

  3. Save money at the supermarket with coupon app GreenJinn

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    My phone is filled with receipt snapping apps, supermarket coupon apps and UK cashback apps.  I absolutely love them!  They help me to save money on our weekly food shopping bills and some of them even put cash back into my pocket.  One of my favourite grocery cashback / coupon apps is called GreenJinn.  In this blog post I will share my review of the free money-saving GreenJinn app.

  4. FFS review: limited edition Lily razor and special offer

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    This week FFS very kindly sent me their new limited edition Lily razor handle to check out.  It’s a new chrome silver and teal blue handle which is engraved with my name!  I’m already a big fan of Friction Free Shaving (FFS) and both me and my husband use their razors and are signed up to their razor subscription.  FFS also help us in our quest to make our bathroom zero-waste and to reduce single-use items.  In this blog post I will explain how the FFS subscription works and why it’s an eco-friendly option.  Read on for my newest FFS razor review.