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  1. 8 money saving tips when selling your home

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    Often, most people only think of the money they'll receive once they sell their house. But that is just not it. Some expenses come about due to the sale.  For instance, take the cost of hiring house moving services, real estate agents, legal fees, buying a new home, and so on.  Here are eight tips that will be of help to sell your home and not end up cashless.

  2. Is it a good time to move house?

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    There’s no doubt about it - the coronavirus has turned our lives upside down and some things may never return back to normal.

    For many, the lockdown has been a time of reflection, making us realise how precious our lives really are and to follow our dreams.  For some, this dream might be to uproot and move to a new location.

    The pandemic might also have changed your working life and what you value in a home.  Perhaps you now want a home with enough space for an office so you can work at home. Or a garden in case we are cooped up inside for local lockdowns or self-isolation without the ability to leave our homes.  In which case an outdoor space can be a haven!

    But, is it really a good time to move house?  Let’s take a look.

  3. Cheap DIY garden ideas

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    We’ve recently undergone a huge garden transformation.  Whilst we did splash out on some expensive porcelain patio tiles, which will hopefully last us a lifetime, and some new garden furniture as a treat, we did try to save money in many other areas to create the garden of our dreams for less.  

    If you want to update your garden on a budget then these tips, from my recent experience, might just help.  It’s amazing what you can create with some savvy shopping hacks and DIY ideas.  Here are several ways we saved hundreds of pounds on our garden makeover.  These include many simple and cheap DIY garden ideas to transform a garden on a budget!

  4. 5 top websites for finding remote jobs

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     As COVID-19 continues to turn our lives upside down, working remotely has become (mostly) mandatory. The fact is though, working remotely was growing in popularity long before COVID came along and forced us all into hiding.

    Perhaps you’re working remotely and you're thinking ‘I could get used to this’ (if the cabin fever hasn't set in yet)!

    Maybe you’ve been considering a career change lately?

    When the time is right to look for a new role, these job sites are excellent resources for those looking to go-remote.

  5. Dining room decor ideas on a budget

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    Our fixer upper house has been a labour of love for six years now.  Upon moving in we naively thought we’d be done in a matter of weeks, but had no idea how much things cost and how long it would really take to decorate the house to our taste.  Throw in having our second baby after moving in and getting married and things took even longer than we could have ever imagined.

  6. 6 real life matched betting stories

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    If you’ve read my matched betting blog then you’ll know I’m a big advocate for matched betting.  Matched betting is a way of extracting a profit from the free bet offers that bookies regularly offer.  In short, you use a mathematical equation to cover all outcomes in order to extract a profit from the free bet.  But it’s not complicated as companies like Profit Accumulator have step-by-step instructions and software that does all the calculations for you.

    It’s a great way to make extra income from home in your spare time.  Whilst you may have read my own matched betting story already, I also want to reassure you that there are many success stories from other bloggers who have tried matched betting.  In this blog post I will share real life matched betting stories from other bloggers.

  7. How to shop sustainable fashion on a budget

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    Just like fast food is bad for our personal health, fast fashion is bad for the health of our environment.  And in turn this will also affect our own health as we continue to use up valuable finite resources and pollute our water, sea and food through mass production of clothing we don’t need, transport of this clothing and discarding of fast fashion items we’ve barely worn.

    It’s a terrible state we’ve got ourselves into and the trend for consumerism needs to end.

    We need to put a value on the longevity of items and choose those made with renewable materials in an eco-friendly way.

    The world is changing and we consumers are waking up to the damage we have been doing to our planet.

    However, shopping ethically and sustainably for fashion can, at first, seem very expensive.  And it can be if you choose designer clothing or premium brands, but there are also lots of ways to shop sustainably on a budget which I will explore in this blog post.

  8. Saving money: how to secure your family's financial future

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    Raising a family is a marathon effort. We all want to give our children the best possible start in life, and to help them as best we possibly can. But while few of us will be able to buy our children a house, it is still possible to put some money aside to help with a deposit.  In this blog post I will explore how to practice some good money management skills when it comes to saving for your children's future.

  9. How to always get cheap cinema tickets

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    Full price cinema tickets are really expensive.  I recently read an article in a newspaper showing just how expensive a cinema trip can be.  A family of four were sent to the cinema as a test, got a ticket each for a film, a drink and food item each and the total cost was around £90!  A crazy price just to watch a film for a couple of hours with a drink and snack!

    Luckily there are lots of ways to never pay full price for a cinema ticket.  Cheap cinema tickets are possible!

    In this blog post I will share loads of ways you can get affordable cinema tickets.

  10. Beauty tips: how to save money at a hair salon

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    For many people, especially busy working mums, going to the hair salon is more reminiscent of a spa day than a menial task.  It’s a chance to interact with someone else, even if small talk is not your forte, a moment to shut eye whilst having a soothing head massage and letting someone else take care of us for a short while.  Going to the hairdressers becomes an experience, rather than a beauty maintenance task that must be complete.

    However, the luxury of a hair cut by a professional hairdresser, especially with a wash and blow dry, does come at quite a cost. 

    I’ve regularly spent up to £45 per haircut over the years at various hairdressers just for a simple cut and blow dry.  It’s quite extortionate!

    I remember even being charged more once because I had long hair.  A £5 surcharge if your hair was longer than a certain length!  Penalised for having long hair!!

  11. Save money at the supermarket with coupon app GreenJinn

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    My phone is filled with receipt snapping apps, supermarket coupon apps and UK cashback apps.  I absolutely love them!  They help me to save money on our weekly food shopping bills and some of them even put cash back into my pocket.  One of my favourite grocery cashback / coupon apps is called GreenJinn.  In this blog post I will share my review of the free money-saving GreenJinn app.

  12. Essential DIY products to help you renovate like a pro

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    Although it is lovely to hire outside help to tackle your home improvements and decorating, there will no doubt be quite a high cost. Some of the work can be quite specialised and you may need to hire professionals for certain jobs, especially electrics and plumbing.  But if you are quite handy then a lot of the other stuff you can learn to do yourself.