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Unique Gift Ideas for Men

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When it comes to buying gifts for men, it is rarely an easy task. More often than not, when you ask the question ‘What do you want for your birthday?’ you will be answered with ‘I don’t mind’ or similar. So selecting a nice gift can be a big challenge. If you have a special anniversary or a landmark birthday on the horizon for him then you will no doubt want to push the boat out with a special gift. Here are a few ideas that you might consider:

Unique Gift Ideas for Men - Present Image


Sports memorabilia

For the big sports fan, a special gift related to their beloved sports team could really impress him. You can visit the club’s website to see if they sell items that commemorate a trophy that they won, or a legendary player. You can even try charity auctions that offer signed memorabilia such as club shirts, framed pictures or balls. How much you will have to pay for these sorts of items will largely depend on the popularity of the team.

Crystal decanter

For a man who enjoys a tipple of whisky every now and again, a high-quality decanter and glasses set is a nice idea. The cost varies massively depending on which brand you choose, so decide whether you want to go for a Waterford Crystal product or something a bit more budget. You can also get personalised decanter set where you can have a special message engraved on the glass.


There is a lot of fuss these days about smartwatches and all of the wonderful things that you do with them but you still cannot beat a stunning, traditional wristwatch. A nice, designer brand watch such as the Hublot Big Bang perhaps engraved on the back of the watch can be a much appreciated and thoughtful gift.

golf crowd unique gift ideas for men

Hilarious golf t-shirts

Is he an avid golf fan with a sense of humour? If so then these funny golf crowd t-shirts could be the perfect gift! Let them take golf off the golf course and onto the High Street with a smile. The t-shirts are bright, eye-catching and plenty of them are full of innuendos that will guarantee a laugh from passers by! If their little one is usually in tow on the course then they sell a kids golf gifts range of t-shirts too, so Daddy and kid can be twinning as they putt.

golf crowd unique gift ideas


For men that like to dress in style then a set of unique cufflinks might be a good choice for a gift. From expensive cufflinks with jewels in, to a theme that reflects the wearer’s personality, there are a lot of options when it comes to buying personal cufflinks.

Unique Gift Ideas for Men


Weekend away

You could also book a surprise weekend away to a place that is special to him. Somewhere he visited in his childhood or the place that you had your first holiday together. Even a trip away that isn’t related to special memories is a nice idea as you can make new memories when you get there. If you can select the destination based on going to visit something he is passionate about like a Barcelona stadium tour, a golf course he has always wanted to play at or a museum etc. then you will get bonus points!

Track day/Drive a Ferrari

For the high-performance car admirers, an experience day where they get to drive the car of their dreams or get to race on a track can be a nice surprise. They have these types of experiences available all over the UK and companies like Virgin sell them in shops or online.

Lessons to learn something new

If he has spent the last ten years rueing that he never learnt to play the guitar or saying that he wishes he could take up something like golf then a set of lessons could get him started and help him to achieve those dreams. It is always nice to learn something new if he has the time to fit it in. It is better to learn new things as an adult than to have never had the chance at all and then regretting it!



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