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How to create the perfect office space

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Creating the perfect office space can encourage an air of productivity and motivation, whilst helping you and your staff to feel more comfortable and focused during every shift.

Luckily it needn’t be difficult to build an amazing office space no matter what your budget may be. There are just a few key areas in which you can focus your efforts to design the perfect workplace in no time at all and without spending too much.

Choosing the right location for your office is one of the key points for every business. Some of the most trendy and innovative working areas are located in LA. As we know LA is the heart of Southern California and abounds with tremendous economic opportunities for startups and established businesses. So looking for Los Angeles office spaces for lease you may consider. It is not only a good location and easily accessible for your clients, but also a desirable place for your employees.

Read on to discover how to easily create your ideal office space.

·        Choose the right colour scheme 

One of the most important aspects of your office space is the colour scheme that you choose.  The colour can have a dramatic impact on the atmosphere that you set in each room.

Certain colours should be avoided, such as red which is associated with danger, whilst other colours should be favoured, such as blue and green that are said to be calming and balancing.

Utilising appropriate colour schemes can help your staff to maintain focus and peace. 

Lighter colours are optimal as they make an office feel large, airy and ready for the day, as opposed to dark dingy colours which can have the opposite effect, especially in a small office space.

Whilst you may not immediately think of wall décor for an office, it’s something that should not be missed.  Many offices feel bland and even clinical due to their lack of interior design, leading to an environment that does not evoke productivity. 

You can create artwork for the walls using your company logo, company colours or something different entirely.

·        Invest in ergonomic furniture

It can be truly terrible to come home from work feeling stiff and sore, and being uncomfortable can be a real distraction when you’re trying to focus on the task at hand.

Investing in ergonomic furniture will make sure you and your staff can feel at ease throughout the working day, as things like supportive chairs with head and arm rests, along with adjustable desks that can change in height, will encourage each individual to find the most comfortable set up.

If you are comfortable, then you can be more productive and will have less physical complaints such as back or neck ache.

·        Provide natural light 

The more natural light you can let into your office space, the better.  If you have a choice over window design then maximise the amount of natural light you let into the office through large windows, glass doors and skylights where possible. 

On a budget, then make sure you position desks so the natural daylight floods them instead of them being shadowed or blocked by large pieces of equipment or furniture.  Open the blinds in the day and let the natural light through!

Artificial lighting can cause many issues in the workplace such as eye strain, making it difficult to work on a laptop or any other device with a screen for long periods of time.

Using artificial lights also means that you’re spending more money on your electric bill, so if you can make a change then even your monthly costs will see an improvement.

Natural light can help your staff to stay alert and awake without causing damage to their eyes or causing headaches, as well as helping to break down the barrier between the workplace and the outside world. 

·        Protect your hard work 

It would be truly terrible to spend so much time and energy creating a brilliant office space only to lose it all in a freak accident such as a flood or a fire.  You must make an effort to protect your hard work by seeking out a good insurance package.

A highly rated provider can offer the perfect office insurance plan that covers all manner of risks and dangers, making sure you can maintain a brilliant environment for your staff no matter what might happen. 

Create your perfect office space and protect it too

Creating the perfect office space has never been so simple.  Let the light in, choose furniture wisely and pick a colour scheme to keep your staff alert, happy and motivated.  Don’t forget to insure your office space appropriately too so you’re all protected.

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