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  1. Hello Oliver Bonas

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    A colourful home decor wishlist

    I must be the last person on Earth to discover Oliver Bonas.  It all started in 1993 apparently.  The colourful tub chairs drew me into their shop in Cabots Circus recently.  I’ve already made a second visit whilst also stalking their website.  I've a feeling I know where my new favourite home decor shop is.

    Their homeware is fabulous; colourful, cool and eclectic.  I haven’t explored their clothing too much but their jewellery and patterned scarves are right up my street.  They also have the most wonderful range of books, activities and toys for toddlers so I have the perfect excuse to revisit for my daughter now.

    Hello Oliver Bonas: A colourful home decor wishlist

    I'm obsessed with these small wooden legged chairs in bright colours.  I can't imagine anyone can walk past their shop window without stopping to look at them.  The orange owl vase is very on trend - I keep seeing owls everywhere!  I've always been quite taken by orange.  I don't actually own a single thing that is orange, but I kind of fancy it as an accent colour in my living room at least once in my life.  I reckon some burnt orange textiles thrown about with a splash of bright orange will really create a warm toasty winter living room.

    The pixel cushion reminds me of Tetris!  I used to be in love with that game and could play it for hours on end.  The mushroom scarf is so quirky, it had to be included.  I sell some great printed scarves in my online shop too!

    I'm not sold on the pinky colour of the Moroccan style poof, perhaps for Bella's room, but I love the style.  If it were a darker version of that colour the bamboo bowl is painted with then I would snap it up, or a rusty orange, mmmmm

    Last but not least, the bamboo bowls!  I am so tempted to buy these.  That outer colour is just me.  I love the lightweightedness of these and would fill with fruit on the kitchen side or use as a salad serving bowl.

    These picks are my most favourite so far.  It really was hard to dwindle it down to these few as there really is an awesome choice.

    Their website is and if you sign up to their newsletter you’ll receive a £5 voucher!