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Zeek isn’t a scam - I’ve saved £13 this month on food shopping! (Plus a £3 discount code for you)

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Zeek isn’t a scam - I’ve saved £13 this month on food shopping!

(Plus a £3 discount code for you)

I recently wrote about Zeek, a company I’d heard about but hadn’t got round to trying myself.  It’s a gift card company that sells discounted gift cards for hundreds of stores, including supermarkets.

When I told Ben I was going to start using it to buy our supermarket shops he looked at me strangely, as if it was a scam.  I, too, was a little concerned the vouchers may not work, but after seeing so many other reviews about the company I decided to give it a go.  If it is for real then we can start saving money every week off our shopping bill and plenty of other spending.

Well, I can confirm, Zeek isn’t a scam at all!

Zeek isn’t a scam - I’ve saved £13 this month on food shopping! (Plus a £3 discount code for you)

So far I have purchased three gift cards for Tesco and thanks to two promo codes and the gift cards being discounted I have so far saved £13 on our food shopping this month by buying £200 worth of gift cards.  This has been on three weekly food shops, so it really will start adding up to a great saving by doing this every week.  Obviously I won’t continue to have promo codes, but even a few pounds saving every week will tot up.

I’ve decided to keep purchasing our supermarket gift cards from Zeek on a weekly basis so we can make a saving on our food shopping every single week.  As soon as one turns up, I’ll buy another for the next week.

I’ve noticed they also offer credit, so you can credit your account and they give a discount.  I’m going to do this after next payday so all our food shopping money can be credited to Zeek for the month.  Then I’ll purchase supermarket gift cards at a discounted rate.  Doing both will mean an even bigger saving!

One thing to note is you can’t use the gift card right away.  I’m not sure if this is the same for all their gift cards, but it is for the Tesco ones I have purchased.  The cards are activated one working day after they’ve had confirmation of the card being delivered through tracking with Royal Mail.  So bear this in mind when planning your food shops.

It’s so easy to use the site and I bet you’ll find a gift card (or plenty) for a shop you already shop in!

Not only do you save money on the gift voucher you buy, but I have a special code for you to save an extra £3 off your first order if you spend £30 (I get some credit too):

Click here for £3 off your first purchase with Zeek!