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Chip app promo code: £10 free cash to kick-start your 2020 finances

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Chip app promo code_ £10 free cash to kick-start your 2020 finances

Ad - This blog post is a paid partnership with Chip.  All words my own.

Rather than starting 2020 with an unrealistic New Year’s resolution that you’ll abandon in weeks or even days, why not make a financial resolution that you can actually commit to?

Consider a financial resolution to save more in 2020 and kick it off with autosave app Chip.

The free £10 promotion is currently paused.  I will update this page when I have a new Chip promo code.  Read on to learn what Chip is and how it can help you save!

Chip app promo code_ kick-start your 2020 finances with £10 free cash

Set a financial resolution for 2020 and get £10 free cash with Chip

We have set ourselves the challenge of overpaying one of our loans; we have two with around £6000 left on each.  Our aim is to pay overpay every single month.  By overpaying a loan we will be able to reduce our normal monthly loan repayments and also get interest rebates at the same time, saving us money each month.

We will be using many of the same tips from our emergency fund challenge to meet this 2020 financial goal.

Whilst paying back such a huge amount in one year might not be realistic to most (and is adventurous for us too now we’re both self-employed), there is a very easy way you can save more this year and start improving your own finances. 

Whether you want to pay back debt, go on holiday, get married, make a large purchase or simply save for a rainy day then Chip, the amazing auto-save app, is here to help you take control of your finances.

They have even given me a special Chip app promo code so you can get a £10 welcome bonus to kick-start your New Year financial resolution.

How are you taking charge of your finances in 2020?

Even if you have nothing specific to save for, it’s a really good idea to get into the habit of putting some money aside each month in 2020. 

You never know when a financial emergency will pop up and it’s good to be prepared. 

Struggling with money if something breaks down or the car needs repairing is never fun.  Getting into debt to cover these costs doesn’t always need to happen. 

It’s much better to have cash stashed away to cover these financial worries when they arise and not panic about where to borrow the cash.

However, it’s no secret that most people aren’t prepared for a rainy day, let alone a financial emergency. 

Millions of Brits have no cash to fall back on. In 2019, 15% of all Brits and 53% of 22-29 year old Brits had nothing saved at all!

As a nation, we really need to learn to save more.  Make it a priority and set aside an affordable amount each month.  It will soon add up and you’ll be thankful you don’t need to turn to credit when a money crisis pops up.

Chip app promo code £10 free cash

Take charge of your finances in 2020 with the Chip app

If you need a little assistance in this department and want to save without even noticing then why not automate this part of your personal finance with Chip?

Let the Chip app do the hard work for you!

If squirrelling cash away is not your forte, then there is a much easier solution. Stop trying to do it manually and start using the auto-save magic of this savvy fintech app.  

Chip is a clever app that automatically puts money aside for you based on your spending habits, so you can save without feeling it!

Using artificial intelligence (AI) to scan your transaction history, Chip moves the perfect amount so you won’t even notice it’s gone!

Rather than moving huge lump sums which can seem unachievable when budgeting for the month, Chip analyses your weekly spend and suggests moving much smaller, manageable amounts every four days. 

You’ll be surprised at how quickly these add up.  You’ll have a lump sum before you know it!

Although it is an auto-save app, you are still in control. You can increase, decrease or cancel the suggested transaction before 3pm.  You can also pause Chip at any time.

The money you’ve saved can be withdrawn at any time to your linked current account.  If you request a withdrawal by 5pm on a working day then you’ll receive it same day.  Otherwise it will be the following working day.

Chip app promo code £10 free money

Get a £10 welcome bonus with my Chip app promo code

To kick-start improving your finances in 2020 I have a special offer from Chip.  You can get a £10 welcome bonus added to your Chip account with my promo code.

As soon as you have completed two auto-saves you will get £10 free cash added to your Chip account.

Please note - given the current coronavirus climate and lockdown, my code has been paused.  I will update this page when it is reactivated.

Is the Chip app free?

The Chip app is free to download and use with their standard plan if you save £100 or less every 28 days. 

In April 2020 they have confirmed a paid option called Chip X with many more benefits is coming, but you can also stay on the standard version.  They'll have two plans - standard or Chip X.

The free (standard) version has also changed slightly in April 2020: you'll be charged £1 if you save more than £100 per 28 days, so just make sure you save less than this if you don't want to be charged.  Remember - you have full control over all your autosaves and can edit the amount or even cancel it if you wish.

But... before you skip the £1 fee each 28 days or edit your autosave, you might want to consider it depending on how much you have saved.  Chip are also introducing something called 'Save Streak' and offering a bonus interest payment if you stick to their autosaves for 90 days consecutively!

What's a Chip Save Streak?

The Chip Save Streak is a new feature that aims to really keep you on track with your goals and provide the motivation needed by giving a glimpse of your future.  There's also a bonus if you maintain a Save Streak for 90 days - this means sticking to the autosaves as they are and not withdrawing.

  • Track the number of consecutive days you’ve saved (this is what we call your Save Streak).  
  • See the total amount saved since the start of your save streak.
  • Predict how much you will save in 50, 100, and 365 days if you maintain your streak. 
  • 0.25%  Save Streak bonus on everything automatically saved in past 90 days.

What's included in the Chip Standard plan?

Here are the details of the Standard plan taken from the Chip website:

  • Get started for free.
  • £0.00 a month
  • Save with our smart AI
  • Automatically save up to £100 every 28 days* (* £1 fee when you auto-save more than £100 within a 28 day
  • 0.25%  Save Streak bonus on everything automatically saved in past 90 days
  • Hold up to £5,000 in an FSCS protected account with a partner bank and earn Competitive interest rates
  • Use Chip’s AI to hit up to three goals at once
  • Unlimited easy access withdrawals
  • Unlimited manuals saves up to £10,000
  • When you’re ready, upgrade to ChipX.



Sign up now using my unique Chip promo code and you’ll get £10 as part of an exclusive welcome offer!*

*After two auto-saves, you will be eligible for the £10 welcome bonus. This is usually within 2 weeks. The bonus will then be credited to your Chip account within 30 days.


Simply use my special promo code when signing up to Chip for £10 free cash! This promotion is now paused.  I will update this page when it is reactivated.


Terms and Conditions

1. You must enter the promo code on the same day that you download Chip.
2. You will have £10 added to your Chip account after successfully having two auto saves.
3. The money will be added directly into your Chip account within 30 days of having two auto saves.
4. Only one promo code can be entered per person.
5. The first promo code will be counted.
6. This is an ongoing promotion but we can end it at any time.


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 chip promo code £10 free cash


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