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  1. Make extra money from home easily with matched betting

    You may have read my first blog post about matched betting titled How I made £300 tax free cash from home in two weeks and you can too!  I’m now 40 days in, but as I started on 20th January I’ve decided to tag those last days onto February and do a monthly roundup of my total profit.  I work everything else out on a month by month basis, so it will be easier to calculate it at the end of each month from now on.

    Read on to see how much money I have made in my first month of matched betting.

    matched betting make extra cash money from home stay at home mum work blog

    £753.62 profit matched betting for 40 days

    It should actually be around £100 more.  But I made a few mistakes.


    Mistake 1

    I took a big hit on one of the offers where I didn’t realised it was a bonus with 30x wagering and not a normal free bet.  I didn’t have enough bank roll to do this offer, so once all my bankroll ended up in the bookies I had no money left in the exchange to continue the offer.  Arg.  I had to admit defeat and withdraw my winnings which cancelled a £200 bonus as I hadn’t played £100 through 30 times.

    Lesson learned.  Make sure you have a large enough bank roll if the wagering requirements are large.  I lost a lot here.

    Mistake 2

    Quite near the beginning I won a bet into a bookies, around £15, went to withdraw but couldn’t.  Turned out I needed £18 in the account to withdraw.  You can’t just deposit more in this one and instantly withdraw as you have to wager the deposit first. 

    I thought I was stuffed so just randomly bet on something and lost the money.  I should have also lay my bet and made a tiny loss, but I would have been able to then withdraw once over £18 or the money would win into the exchange.   I stupidly didn’t work this out and lost the £15.

    A very silly mistake to make and the solution was so obvious.  There's always a way to withdraw.  Lesson learned.

    Mistake 3

    I took part in a reload offer, but somehow did it totally wrong and lost £10.  Make sure you fully read the instructions and then read them again before doing anything!

    Lesson learned.


    I’ve also paid £46 in fees for my Profit Accumulator membership which I’ve deducted off my total profit.  Usually this will be only £23, but I started paying on 23rd Jan, so as I’m rolling over the last days of Jan into this roundup I paid my fees twice for these 40 days.


    Even with my silly mistakes and two lots of fees going out I’m still £753.62 in profit which is a great start.  I’ve also been slowed down by having to wait for my bank to grow big enough to take part in some of the offers which require a larger bank.  I’ve also been held up by waiting for withdrawals to clear into my bank before I can place new bets.  If you have more money to start with then you won’t be as held back.  I’m a little scared to put any more of my own money in in case I do mess up.  At least if I mess up with the matched betting profit I won’t be risking my ‘own’ money.  I read another blogger made £1800 in their first month so making a lot more is doable!

    I’ve spent around 30 mins to 2 hours a day doing the bets, watching the guides and trying to get my head around it all!  I’ve got a lot quicker at placing the bets.  It also takes more time when you start as you have to sign up to every bookie.  But once signed up, the reloads will be a lot quicker as you just have to log in.

    I’m still working through the beginners section.  I’ll hopefully move onto reloads in month two and it will be interesting to see how much I continue to make.

    I’m super chuffed with making over £750 in 40 days though!  Around blogging, my part time job and being a mummy this is some great extra income from home.

    Profit Accumulator

    If you want to give it a go I highly recommend Profit Accumulator.  They talk you through two offers before you have to join them as a member so you can make around £40 to see how easy it is.  They also regularly have offers where you can try it for a month or so for free before committing to the membership free.  You just have to give it a go!

    Have you tried matched betting?

    make money matched betting extra cash from home stay at home mum

    You Baby Me Mummy



  2. Why it's so important to insure yourself in case of a catastrophe

    Most of us try not to think about what we would happen if we lost our job, the house flooded, a storm caused water damage, the dog fell ill or the car failed its MOT. Not only are our homes full of treasured memories they are also where we raise our children, spend time with our partners and find sanctuary from the outside world. It may not be healthy to always worry about what might happen, becoming so wrapped up in keeping everyone one step ahead of imagined disasters that you forget to enjoy what's important, but likewise, complacency could also end up costing you much more than you might first think.

    Check All Policies



    One tip is to make sure that your insurance is always up to date, as any lapsed car or home insurance policies automatically mean the safety net which exists for your benefit is removed, or you end up believing you're covered when you aren't. Read any and all policies carefully, even when renewing the same coverage as terms and conditions can change. Even gadgets will end up costing you the earth if their warranty has ended. For example, when purchasing a new phone or computer it's vital to check to see what insurance, if any, or care plan is included.

    Most manufacturers warranties tend to only last a year, and there's no guarantee you'll be offered a new device straight away. In fact, many companies operate a strict repair before refund agreement which means you could be liable anyway. It's also worth thinking about opening a separate bank account or 'rainy day fund’ so each month you're not only earning interest, depending on the account, but you'll know that if there's a medical, or financial emergency, you won't be wondering how you're going to cope. Remember, making rash, or impulsive decisions now can have an impact for years to come! It's always best to seek the advice of an expert independent financial advisor before committing significant amounts of money. Still, if the worst has already happened, you need to know what steps to take to best protect your loved ones.

    Disaster Day!


    Pexels From: Torsten Dettlaff

    You could cut down all the trees nearby, earth all power sockets and buy surge protectors as well stocking sandbags and Mother Nature would still somehow find a way to break through your defenses. Because natural disasters are hard to predict and even more difficult to control, storm or flood damage can vary from having to replace windows to binning carpets, possessions, and furniture as well as possibly having to rebuild your home from scratch.

    Before The Clean Up



    Obviously, the first thing to do is to make sure all the property’s inhabitants are safe. You should never risk your own, or anyone else's life for that matter, to return to a building that's unsafe but once you're cleared to return collecting extensive evidence is crucial. Most insurance providers won't pay out unless there are clear signs of damage. Before starting to clear up, you should make notes of any broken, or missing possessions as well as taking photographs however upsetting it may be in the short term.

    Make sure to also note any and all correspondence with the emergency services. For example, if a fire has damaged your house you'll need to note who you spoke to as well as obtaining copies of officially signed reports. Don't wait to send in a claim! As soon as you have the relevant information you should send it off to your insurance company. Be aware successful claims are only approved to be paid out when the insurance firm is satisfied that whatever occurred was an accident, this may take some weeks, or months, so it's very important that everything is taken care of properly.

    While it may be tempting to apply for one or more small personal loans to tide you over, it's best to wait until the full amount of insurance money comes through. It can be easy to rely on extra credit cards or alternative funds but remember you need to keep up to date with payments, and avoid spending the money you've been given on more frivolous things.

    Realistically insurance payouts should go towards any structural repairs or buying replacement furniture. Sadly, lots of people tend to view an insurance windfall a bit like a lottery payout but this is a mistake! No matter how large the amount, the money won't last forever and you need a stable, secure roof over your head much more than a holiday, new car or numerous pairs of designer shoes!


  3. My favourite Etsy handmade items for the home

    I love Etsy.  If you're looking for a unique gift for her which is lovingly handmade it's the only place you need to look.  It's pretty much where I started out and where the name Lylia Rose was born.  

    My first venture in business was selling handmade cards and I opened an Etsy store.  I searched for ages for store names which weren't in use struggling to find something with a combination of mine and my daughter's names.  I settled on another girls name I loved 'Lylia' and my daughter's middle name 'Rose'.  

    It was the first store name I typed in which wasn't taken so it was mine.  Since then I've traded on Facebook, quit Facebook, started selling jewellery, set up a website, starting selling clothes and accessories, started a blog four years ago alongside the shop and now I'm almost a full time blogger.  It's been quite a journey from those first handmade cards I created almost five years ago.

    I've browsed Etsy recently for some inspiration as I really need to get some things on our walls and dotted about our home!

    Here are my favourite 6 home decor items:

    6 Home Decor Picks Etsy Feb 2017 Lylia Rose UK Lifestyle Interiors Blog

    White & Grey Raindrop Pattern Pot 

    6 Home Decor Picks Etsy Feb 2017 Lylia Rose UK Lifestyle Interiors Blogger

    Handwoven African Storage Tidy Baskets

    6 Home Decor Picks Etsy Feb 2017 Lylia Rose UK Lifestyle Interiors Blog wal

    Macrame Wall Hanging

    6 Home Decor Picks Etsy Feb 2017 Lylia Rose UK Lifestyle Interiors Blog tra

    Reclaimed Wood Triangle Shelf

    6 Home Decor Picks Etsy Feb 2017 Lylia Rose UK Lifestyle Interiors Blog con

    Concrete Planter

    6 Home Decor Picks Etsy Feb 2017 Lylia Rose UK Lifestyle Interiors Blog pla

    Mint White Clay Ring Dish

    Can you see any of these in your home?  Let me know in the comments.


    You Baby Me Mummy