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  1. Food review: kick off a healthy new you with loose leaf green teas from The Tea Makers

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    It’s that time of the year when everyone starts making New Year’s resolutions and for the most part people aim to lead a healthier lifestyle in the upcoming year.  One great way to do this is to upgrade your usual daily coffee or regular tea for a healthier green tea instead.  Green teas are full of health benefits and loaded with anti–oxidants.  Plus, if you think you’ve tried green tea because you’ve simply purchased a box of tea bags from a supermarket, think again. 

  2. Natural beauty review: Sunrise-Sunset Facial Primer from Angelica Botanical Therapy

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    Around one month ago I was sent the Sunrise-Sunset Facial Primer to review from the natural beauty company Angelica Botanical Therapy.  I have religiously been using this primer every day since receiving it, not only in order to review this item on my blog if I liked it, but because I can genuinely see the benefits of using a primer each and every day.

    The primer glides on so easily; it makes it so satisfying to apply it every morning.  Once absorbed and left for five minutes to settle, it does exactly the same to my makeup.  It makes my makeup glide on to my face effortlessly giving a more perfect finish than without using any primer.  Even with natural BB cream added on top, and a lot of concealer to hide my dark circle ‘mum bags’ under my eyes, I can see my complexion looks more even and glowing thanks to this primer.

  3. Angelica Botanical Therapy Manuka Hand and Body Lotion review

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    The team at Angelica Botanical Therapy kindly sent me some of their delicious smelling Manuka honey hand and body lotion around four weeks ago to trial.  I’ve been using it every day on my hands and arms, and occasionally on my legs if it’s been hot enough to whip them out!  Angelica Botanical Therapy sells a range of high quality natural plant based body care to suit your natural beauty needs.

    Over the past few years I have changed nearly all my makeup, toiletries and body care items to natural products which contain no nasties.  Not only to protect myself from toxic ingredients, but to prevent so much chemical waste from destroying the environment.  After all, where do you suppose it’s all washed away to once you’re finished with it?

  4. My current top 5 natural home cleaning brands

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    Nowadays we unfortunately live in a very toxic environment and this toxicity is sadly also in our homes.  We often think of pollution as something outdoors, perhaps fumes from car exhausts we are forced to breathe in if we want to walk down the street, chemicals from other people’s cigarette smoke, smoke rising from factories in the distance.  But what we often forget about are the chemicals we choose to expose ourselves to day in day out in our own home environments.

    Aerosols, air freshener, laundry products, bleach and many everyday household cleaning products are filled with toxic irritating nasties that we should really avoid.  Many of the harsh ingredients in these products can cause short term side effects such as headaches, skin irritations, nausea and more. The long term side effects are also a concern.  Regular inhalation of the fumes from these products cannot be good for us.  The red poison, danger and warning signs on the labels are enough to make me stop and think about what I am breathing in, letting touch my skin and pouring away into the environment.

    Luckily natural household cleaning products are becoming more and more widely available.  This means we are no longer forced to use highly toxic potentially health threatening versions and can now choose to have a less chemical filled home.  Sure, they may be a little bit more expensive, but for the sake of our health, our children’s health and protecting the environment, this little extra cost is surely worth it?

  5. TOTSUP | Big Red Bus Reward Chart

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    We were kindly sent a TOTSUP ‘Big Red Bus Reward Chart’ to review with our daughter Bella.  Bella is almost four and has been going through a ‘threenager’ stage for a good few months now!  We thought it was easing at one point, then she seemed to get a million times worse!  She’s not a naughty child, but learning right from wrong, asserting independence and pushing boundaries like any normal three year old.  It can certainly be frustrating as a parent and there are days when no amount of pleading or bribes of treats will work!  There are also days when Bella doesn’t seem to care if I raise my voice, get upset or angry.  She’ll just carry on doing the exact opposite of what I’ve said.  Grrr!

    We had tried rewards charts, but with little success.  She’d be rather excited by them for a day or so, but would quickly revert to the unwanted behaviour and not seem bothered by the promise of a reward.  We’d only tried printable charts with star stickers and they were pretty boring, resembling a worksheet rather than something fun and interacting.  I was unsure whether the bus would be any different to the charts we had already tried, but the reviews were very impressive and it looked so much more fun than a bog standard sticker reward chart.

    Would Bella be convinced?

  6. Talk of the Town Party UK

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    One thing that I always find quite un-eco-friendly is the giving and receiving of cards.  There’s definitely something special about receiving a handwritten greetings card in the post with an actual letter and some thought in it, but many of us send a simple happy birthday or merry Christmas card without a note at all.  We simply write Dear so and so, love me.

    I’m not one to keep these things either, so it goes on the side for a short while and then in the recycling.  That’s it.  It seems so wasteful.

    Luckily, if you like sending cards there is a way to be more eco-friendly.  Simply make sure you buy cards made from recycled materials only or why not buy seeded cards that have wildflowers and plants embedded into compostable paper that can grow into something after use?

    It’s such a great idea and one that I have stumbled upon recently when browsing Etsy for a more eco-friendly Christmas card alternative.