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  1. AuCuTee baby soothing sounds machine review

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    I’m back today with my second review of an AuCuTee sound machine product.  Not long ago I was sent a sleep therapy white noise machine which seemed predominantly aimed at adults, but today I have their soothing sounds machine which is aimed at babies and small children. 

    Whilst I no longer have a baby, I do have a three year old and six year old.  My six year old daughter, Bella, still soothes herself to sleep with music.  Quite often she is able to fall asleep without aid, but she usually wakes at least once per night and I hear her turn her comforting music on to drift back off again. 

    I thought this product could be perfect for her, or even my younger son, so was happy to review.  

    AuCuTee Baby Soothing Sounds Machine Review

    I’ve been using the soothing sound machine yesterday and today since it arrived to test it out and gather my thoughts and first impressions.  As I sit here typing this, I have it sat on my desk playing lullabies so I can test out the voice activation feature.

    It has many great functions that I’ll share with you here:

  2. Diggerland Devon review

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    Today (07.07.2018) we were lucky to have a complimentary visit to Diggerland in Devon.  It’s a place I’d somehow never heard of before until I saw a tweet about it just a few weeks ago.  Most people I have told about our visit haven’t heard of it either.  I find that surprising as they have four locations throughout the UK.  As we’re in the south west of England the closest location to us was just over a one and a half hour drive from Gloucestershire to Devon.  To be fair we haven’t yet holidayed in Devon as a family so that could be why we were none the wiser about its existence.  In this blog post I will share my honest review of Diggerland in Devon.