What would you do if you won the lottery? Try Lottoland for free! *

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What would you do if you won the lottery_ Try Lottoland for free!

A chance to become a millionaire for free thanks to Lottoland and Top Cashback

Have you ever dreamt of winning the lottery?  I have.  Even £100,000 would be nice to pay off my mortgage! I play the lottery every week, but I've only just discovered there's another way to get involved in the same big jackpot.  This is by betting on the lottery with companies like Lottoland, instead of actually playing it.  There are some benefits to betting on the lottery too - such as getting cash back on your first deposit, meaning you can have a go for free!  Read on to find out how I bet on the lottery for free (and actually made some money in the process).

What would you do if you won the lottery Try Lottoland for free Lylia Rose

Have you heard of Lottoland?  It’s a way of playing the lottery without playing the actual lottery.  I’ve just decided to give it a go.

Rather than play the actual lottery you bet on the lottery results instead.  You pick your numbers in exactly the same way and you even win the same jackpot.  As you are betting and not actually playing the lottery you can even play lotteries from around the world.  Usually you can only play your country’s own lottery.  This means more lotteries and more chances of winning, surely?!  Lottoland also offer special boosted jackpots so you can win even more money than the regular lottery.  They have special offers and give away free bets.  Sounds awesome! 

You can try Lottoland for free if you sign up as a new member through Top Cashback here and search for Lottoland. 

I deposited £11 to my account so I’ll get £17.25 cashback.  Amazing huh?  And I could win a load of money too!  I decided to do the Euromillions 5 times and then bought a £1 scratch card to use the last £1.  I won £2 instantly.  Wish me luck for the Euromillions! 

Buying my tickets, or rather placing my bets was super easy.  I went for ‘lucky dips’ and had my numbers chosen for me.  Within 5 minutes of setting my account up and depositing funds I had my tickets.  The site is simple to use and not scary at all.

So all this has got me thinking.  If I was lucky enough to win the lottery, what would I do?  I definitely wouldn’t go public.  I’ve always said that.  Would you?  I’d not want people to know and I especially wouldn’t want any paparazzi following me around and documenting my spending habits for all to see!  It always fascinates me why people decided to go public.  I read once that they suggest it as otherwise you could feel the pressure of carrying around a big secret, but I think I’d quite enjoy keeping it a secret.  I’d tell my closest friends and family, perhaps.  I’d definitely be worried of people treating me differently if they knew, so I’d keep it a secret from my closest for a while until I decided what to do.

Here's a list of what I'd do if I won the lottery:

  • I’d still work.
    Yep, I would.  I’m not one for lying around and I’m happiest when I have a bit of pressure and lots to do.  I’d just maybe work in nicer surroundings.  You know, like in a villa lying next to the sea and a pool with my laptop in tow.  So I’d still blog, I’d just probably spend a bit of the dosh on marketing it more successfully!
  • I’d buy a four bedroom detached house a little more in the countryside with some land so I could do some holiday lets.  I’d love a little holiday business and we’re even thinking of building a garden room to let out at the bottom of our current garden!  It would be awesome to have the space to build some proper holiday homes and give them some more privacy.
  • I’d give money to charity and do good things with more of my time.  I’d give a lot to children’s charities, especially The Grand Appeal who I already support.
  • I’d go on a safari (and a lot more holidays)!  I’d love to do a safari and stay in a luxury tree house.  They look awesome!  I also quite like the look of Bora Bora - somewhere that looks like paradise but isn’t overrun with holidaymakers or overly resort like.
  • I’d bank a lot.  I would definitely put lots in the bank for my children and their children and their children and so on.
  • I’d treat close friends and family.  Once I decide to tell them, or lie and tell them my business is now a huge success!

I would not want to blow the cash on ridiculous extravagance and would hope to stay humble.

I think the first thing I’d do is jump around the house with a fuzzy head and then book a holiday to go and have a good think about the best ways to spend some of it and plan the future!

What would you do if you won the lottery?

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