Make money blogging with Bloggerwork

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Make money blogging with Bloggerwork

There’s a new platform on the blogging block called Bloggerwork and I’m here to tell you more.  If you are looking for more blogging opportunities and ways to monetize your blog then read on.

It’s brand new, so I’ve not had any work from it yet, but I’m very hopeful.  It looks like a great way to advertise your blog services and reach brands of all sizes.  Read on to learn more about this new blogging platform and what it offers bloggers.

make money blogging with Bloggerwork

How does Bloggerwork connect brands and bloggers?

As a blogger, you can list various adverts on the platform to offer your paid services.  You can create several different listings, for example you can list your price and service description for a paid tweet and then another listing for a paid blog post and so on.   You create each listing so you can choose the title of the service, the description and then set your own price.

You are in control of the services you offer on your blog and social platforms.  You are also in control of the price you set.

Services you offer could include link insertions, sponsored blog posts, banner ads, product reviews, tweets, Instagram stories and more.

It’s a self-service platform for the brands who can browse your blog and social media listings in the marketplace and choose who they wish to work with. 

You still get to decide if you want to go ahead with each collaboration, so if an opportunity is not for you then you can choose to decline and Bloggerwork will let the brand know.

Everyone is vetted

All bloggers and brands go through a vetting process when signing up to Bloggerwork.  I had to submit my name and blog details and wait to be approved and invited to the platform.  They ensure only quality brands and bloggers are active on the platform.  They will check your blogs, social medias and stats using various programs before accepting you onto their platform.

How do I get paid on Bloggerwork?

The brand will choose the bloggers they want to work with and pay for the service to Bloggerwork at the point of ordering.  If you accept an assignment then you’ll be paid on the same day that your completed work is submitted and approved.  Payment is sent via bank transfer or PayPal.

To protect the brands Bloggerwork will reverse this payment if the content is deleted.  It’s a fair system for both brands and bloggers.

Earnings are not capped and there is no fee for bloggers – you’ll receive the price you quote for any paid work.

How do I sign up to Bloggerwork?

make money blogging with bloggerwork platform

To sign up, simply go to the homepage at and click ‘I’m an influencer’ then you’ll be presented with a popup to enter your email address and the URL of your blog or social media channel.  Bloggerwork will check out your blog or channel and send you an invite to the platform via email if you are successful. 

Once accepted you can then set up your login details and add your listings to the marketplace for the paid services you offer.  Hopefully it will be a great platform to make money from blogging.

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Make money blogging with Bloggerwork